Updated: 08/24/2009 20:40
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RoxiTrade is very strange project, one of those which I call "silent". They are appearing imperceptibly, developing imperceptibly, paying imperceptibly and then gone imperceptibly. They are not gaining unbelievable growth, people do not invest thousand hundred dollars, that's why there are no much noise of their closing.

I'm, like the person who is working with monitoring site, hate such kind of the projects. It's giving stable income and belong to the middle-term projects. That's why we have decided to invest in RoxiTrade. And on this week it was... useless thing. Suddenly, without any reason, some payments have stopped coming. Pending withdrawal. And of course no any answers to the email. Everybody have started to worry about it and so we are.

After a few days we have received the message: because of the attack of the police on the office, the work was blocked. All the transactions were canceled, the messages were deleted. But now everything is good and after three days we can certainly say: they are PAYING. We will hope that this incident really will not have the consequences.

ID of RoxiTrade

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