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Hello Readers I am sure you must have relaxed and enjoyed another summer weekend. Some times the week ends can keep us busy with all those house chores which we tend to postpone during the weekdays, and for me it was one such week end.

I will just continue from where I left last week with reviews of the short term HYIP programs. Royal Fex is yet another newcomer in this category, which started late last week. Royal Fex can be most appropriately be classified as a Mid-short term HYIP program. There are four different investment plans with Royal Fex.

Professional Plan: is for the newbie and small investors. The minimum is $10 and the roi is 2.2% for 45 days and the principal is returned after the end of the term. So the total gross profit is 99%. The withdrawal is allowed on a daily basis.

Premium Plan: This plan is for mid level investors who can deposit a minimum of $50. The daily earning is 4% for the term of 25 days. Earnings can be withdrawn daily and the principal is returned at the end of the term. The total gross profit with this plan is 100%.

Classic Plan: This is a typical short term plan which pays you 14% for 10 days and you can withdraw only upon plan expiration. The minimum to be invested is $100 and the total profit earned is 40%. Though the total profit earned seems to be lesser then the other 2 plans, you should remember that this is earned in just 10 days. However there is not much difference in the earning between the Premium plan and the Classic plan and the advantage with Premium plan is that it pays daily. So my personal favorite plan is Premium plan.

Aggressive Plan: this is yet another short plan which pays 26% for 5 days with a minimum deposit of $200. The total profit is 30% and is probably the highest profit earning plan among all provided you can afford that high minimum investment. The payment is only on plan expiration.

Most of the short term HYIP programs seem to be offering a wide variety of payment processors these days, and Royal Fex also does the very same by giving different options like Alertpay, Solidtrustpay, Strictpay, Liberty reserve and Perfect money. There is a referral commission of 6% for both active and free members.

Royal Fex has been widely advertised on different well know forums and popular websites and the admin also seems to be active on some forums. The payments are done pretty fast which also adds to the investors confidence. An admin who has spent some good money on advertisement only shows that he is serious about his program, and this usually pays in form of more investors joining the program. I would not really believe the stories about HYIP being involved with forex or shares and most of the program do sustain on new investments from the investors. Considering that the HYIP programs do piggy back on the investors money, a popular site with more investors will but naturally sustain for a longer period of time. If you are not a newbie in this industry then you will surely understand that HYIP investments are always to be considered risky and have to be played like a game.

Getting back to Royal Fex, the site is hosted on a dedicated staminus server with a neversay script. I am not really sure about their DDos protection but a dedicated staminus server is pretty good. Also neversay script is always known to be reliable.

With nice looking plans, good script, a communicative admin, well promoted program, I think Royal Fex almost fulfills all the criteria of a well made program which can be considered. Take a look, make your own due diligence, this one could be worth a take.


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