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Still I don't have my final internet access infos and I'm really wondering what takes them so long? Sometimes I have the feeling that company is just...

Still I don't have my final internet access infos and I'm really wondering what takes them so long? Sometimes I have the feeling that company is just a mental home for all blond heads, lol. I really hope to get the infos soon because I feel kinda naked without my privat email address and I'M not allowed to set it up with the temporary login... Anyway, there are some news regarding the site so please read this mail :) Let's start with some direct site news: I temporary lowered all advertising offers at 10% and all memberships have a 10% discount as well! A great time to upgrade your account and with every 50 Cent of an ad purchase I'll give you 5,000 Banner Impressions for free. This means: you purchase an ad for 50 Cent and get 5,000 Banner Impressions. If you purchase an ad for $1.10 you get 10,000 Banner Impressions - for FREE! :D All these specials are valid until 13th September 2009 :) I still owe you the winner from the Fun Saturday Contest we held on 16th August. "What was Thomas Edison afraid of?" was the question and all participant knew it's the Dark. I guess that's why he invented the bulb. And God said "Let there be light" but he couldn't find the light switch. Granville Woods invented this 11 years later... Anyway, 5 winner were to pick so I thought of a nice little game called "Shoot the bulb". The 5 member with the most shooten bulbs within a minuted are now listed, like usual in alphabetical order: *****: *****: *****: *****: *****: Congrats to you all, I already credited your accounts! Thank to everyone for playing, there will be another contest this weekend, at least if no force majeure keeps away, lol. The last trivia round is online and this week the subject is Bond - James Bond :D 10 questions to answer, every correct answer gives you 1 point and the member(s) with the most correct answer will get the jackpot. The trivia contest will end after this round and it's still a close fight between slycpa and tibter. The Top 5 so far: 1. *****: 86 points 2. *****: : 84 points 3. *****: : 72 points 4. *****: : 45 points 5. *****: : 36 points All participants with 40 or more Points will get a free ad each :) At the end of this mail I have a cashlink for you, leading you to our Advertising Specials I set up in the forum. Great deals, I'm sure everybody finds something :)

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