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First of all the main feature of TenTraders is in interest of our readers. It isa real possibility to know our opinion about the project

First of all the main feature of TenTraders is in interest of our readers. Yes, it is, review - is not the method of the promoting this or that projects , it's also a real possibility to know our opinion about this or that project. I would never write about TenTrader if one of our readers have not asked us: "What do you think about" We call it Ask" service or "HYIP ADVISORY".Do you want to know our opinion? Ask. Just send us your question in any way through the site and you will have one more opinion. So, here one more view on TenTraders projects.

Lets start from that project is working more than 3 weeks. Yes, but not always this is the main feature. Moreover, very often good recommended project is good because it's working for the second month or third year. But in this case according to the view and presentation of the project we can say that it belongs maximum to the middle - term projects, it means 3 weeks are equal to the third of it's life. On the ten-point scale were taken away 2 points.

But they have came very physically to their plans. There are 7 plans. The minimum sum of the deposit is $10. The maximum profit is %450 (after 20 days) Each of these plans is expected for a very short term of principal back ( 20 days - is the most longer, more shorter - are for 3 days and 10 days). The percents are very high and the number of plans makes gladden. It's very good. Allowing to choose, but each of them is high by itself. But if the TenTraders will start advertising campaign it will allow them to get one more point.

The design of the site very modest. Standart engine, simple hosting. As I understand they even don't have protection. Minus 2 points.

Unfortunately, support service works not good. We could take 3 points more, but let's give the chance to this program. If they will put in order the work of the support service, start make the promotion then they have all chances. Anyway, TenTraders is not belonging to the type of the programs "all in". That's why if you will decide to invest your money you have to pay attention to all that facts which I have named. In any case it's NECESSARY to pay attention on it. Of course you can be a lucky one then you don't have to think because it makes no sense. But if you are not rely on your luck, then read and think.

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