Updated: 08/29/2009 05:02
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Dear readers. HyipNews.com is always trying to keep the pulse of the life and tell about the most important events from the life of the most solid HYIP projects. We are sure that our readers also will chose a such style of the work, because it's the way to success. Investimates - is one of recent disappointments, which has closed not so unexpectedly. They have been working for a long time and we think that our review was fair. But our review was published July 7! Sometimes the programs keep on paying , they have our banner on their site, but you are obliged to look at the date of our recommendation! If it is very old - write us and we will give you the feedback, if it's still worth to invest in this project or not.

Actually, it's so hard for us to read, when the visitors of our site are coming off second-best, loosing money, getting despair. Recently we have received a such letter: Obviously, my wife and I's first attempt at on-line money-making is a total bust, as we had only been signed up (2) weeks in Investimates and had our only $200.00 left depostied with them when they went down over night and took all our $200.00! God help us!

Of course, we don't want to start from losses. It's not so simple in the HYIP world, that's why it's so profitable. You have to understand it and rely on, that from the first $1000 you can loose more than a half! Than comes the experience, appearing right prudence.

HyipNews.com is always here and for it.

By the way, Investimates according to the all information is going to pay back some part of the money. Probably, you will be a lucky one.

, HyipNews.com

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