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Take your time to read the interview with OrionCapital TRUST team which used to work in various financial companies of Austria for 6 years

HyipNews.com (HN): First please introduce yourself to your readers and describe your position in the company. Briefly introduce your team � how many people are working for the company and what their key positions are?
OrionCapital TRUST (OC): We are a team of five men who more than 6 years worked in various financial companies of Austria on managing positions. With the advent of great crisis, european companies suffered heavy losses and our wages were very low. Therefore, we in 2009 decided to combine our experience and open own company. Most of the investments we are investing in real estate. Apartment in Vienna is now the reserve funds for our clients and now utillized by us as an office. The apartment costs 450 thousand dollars.

HN: Please tell us what contact information you give your clients. How close you let them approach to you?
OC: Official address: Calle 54 este Edificio Mossfon Pisos 1, 2 Y3,
Panama City, Panama.
Phone soon.
Email: [email protected]

HN: Is your company somehow officially registered? If yes, do you open to public the documents that confirm its legal status?
OC: A company is officially named OrionCapital TRUST, INC. http://orioncapital-trust/images/fax.jpg

HN: Please describe what investment plans you offer to your investors. Why is your offer more attractive than other projects?
OC: Investment Overview:

"Fast and Safe" (7 trading days) up to 15.20% DAILY, no principal returned
"Standard+" (90 days) up to 1.30% DAILY, principal returned
"Long+BigProfit" (150 days) up to 1.80% DAILY, principal returned

Our plans are not fictitious and not inflated. We offer real profit.

HN: It is not a secret that the sphere of online investments is accompanied with high risks for the investors. How can you provide financial stability and security of your system?
OC: Now we use DDoS server. Soon we'll have SSL certificate. And in the future we will monitor and improve the technical safety. We have a reserve funds for financial security and are ready to increase it if need be.

HN: Do you consider your program to be special among other similar programs? Why would you recommend it to investors?
OC: We have been preparing for the opening of the HYIP. Inspect and review the demand. In our opinion 90% of HYIP it's a financial pyramids. Therefore we very much hope that recognize us a competent investment company and over time our reputation will give confidence to investors.

HN: Tell few words about your promotion and advertising. What do you pay attention most?
OC: We receive many offers of advertising and some we have already taken.

HN: What are your business plans for the future? Arent you going to change something in your project or add new features?
OC: In the future we want to create a council of investors and will make proposals to a vote on the development of our project.

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OrionCapital TRUST

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