Updated: 09/04/2009 20:12
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So, the story with BestInv is come to an end. Today is the first of September the day when they were promising to realize their plans to start a new level of more long work. Prelonged - for life. We will remind that recently Olivia was absent and some one was answering on the support requests, in general everything was going to the end. We are reminding that almost more over the month was publishing it's warnings. You can read them here, and here, and here, and here.

At the same time, in spite of all these evident and obvious facts, some investors have lost their money. BestInv was paying out it's money very quickly and in the end of their work (in the end of the August) it would be a strange thing to invest money in so long plan. As a matter of fact it would be strange to invest in BestInv, when is publishing it's warnings almost every day! And now, recently we are receiving the letter from one of our readers: "i amit from india and put $12 alertpay in bestinv for 120% in five days but i made withdrawal request before 3 days but i didn't get my payment.i kindly request u please do something and asks the administrator for this.."

What can we say?
How can we help you?

Visit our site more often, read us often? Do not invest in a such kind of projects like BestInv? Of course we are not the prophets, we like all people can make mistakes. But in this case everything was evidently. BestInv was a good project, finishing this bright summer. It has brought lots of profit to many investors. But in any case you have to know when to stop. Than later do not get the losses because of one's greed.


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