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Our constant readers know that is glad to tell opinion of our specialists about this or that program, in which you want invest money

Our constant readers know that is glad to tell opinion of our specialists about this or that program, in which you want invest money. One of our readers has wrote us: What do you think about

So. Let's start from that project belongs to the -inv type of the programs. It's very popular type in the end of the summer, which as the practice shows. often is not so reliable. Just recently was closed popular BestInv, now PlusInv has problems, what to say about the rest of the -inv, which are closing on the second day? But it's not the reason to reject at once about making the deposit. Let's see what's next.

Next we have: goldcoders script, simple design, about the week of work. As all programs of -inv type is offering fast turnover, average percent. That is - 115% after 1 day. That is 15% of the profit... hmm. Here we need to think about it.

The project with a fast turnover, in general has a right on existing.
It's proved by examples below. But, pay your attention that minimum term of returning principals was about 3 days (!). And the percent was not higher than 6% daily ( if not take into consideration long term plans, where it was coming to 10%)... what is it talking about? About that TexhinalInv to all external attractive operation factors (looks like other projects of a such type) has lots of repellent inner reasons. To these operation factors are belonging very risky, I would say dangerous percents.

I also didn't like that among the monitoring sites,which are watching for the work of TechnicalInv the most serious is GoldPoll. What's the problem? For a solid monitoring site with good performed/tooled work it's easy to refuse the profit that show a bad status. But you can make a deal with a small monitoring sites. One more vote against.

Of course you have to decide and risk. -inv programs and those programs which are returning 100% -150% sometimes are paying and allowing to earn, but in this case as for me I'am determine the level of the risk as involuntary.

P.S. We are reminding that all our readers can use the HYIP ADVISER service and Ask We will tell with pleasure what we think about this or that program - just send us the link through any communication device on our site, even trough send scam report form and we will answer in any case!


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