Updated: 09/09/2009 06:50
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Some programs disappear once and forever, some of them suffer a long agony. Seems that Ten-traders is one of such projects that prefer to torture their members before abandoning them for good. According to latest reports, some persistent members manage to reach admin and ask him what’s going on. For the present moment, the site is partly inaccessible, Rate us page removed, and only a small amount of members received their payouts. Shortly, admin states the following: pending withdrawals will be paid, but not they process only requests smaller than $400 (It is stated that larger amounts should be confirmed, but support ignores the questions how to confirm it), administration is going to change the program format and will choose another type of investment activity, and all current members are invited. As you see, the picture doesn’t look good. Of course all those people who lost money here would be glad to believe in any chance of happy end, but unfortunately experience shows that it’s impossible.

Abby C. Anderson,

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