Updated: 09/15/2009 20:15
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Flipreturn admin continues releasing his daily updates with programs' reviews. In his latest issue admin states that he knew that Investomato would turn a scam soon since the launching of the program.

The admin scammed you with his former programs, and admit it (this is maybe on one site nice to tell you who he is, but more than wrong when it comes to investors, and their ecurrencies). When you lost big amounts of money, and you know the rules of alertpay and solidtrustpay, will you just sit there and let the admin scam you or others again? No, I am sure you want, and this is why the tomatoes were dead before he even launched his site.

What he means is absoultely clear - that he would never act like that and that his program will be working much longer. Unfortunately, it can't be foreseen. If there were a person gifted to predict the date of programs closure, he would earn probably more than program's administrators. But we still don't have one. So we'll hope for better with Flipreturn as with all other programs.

Abby C. Anderson,

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