Updated: 09/21/2009 08:50
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Of course, DDoS attacks can't be treated as positive events at all. They affect programs' performance and deprive investors from their profit. There is only one aspect here that can be treated as possible - DDoS attack is a good indicator of program reliability. You can see how administration resolves issues, provides timely support and resolved payments. Such massive DDoS attack as recent attacks may clear out weak programs.Let's watch and make our choice. And here is the latest update from capitalex.biz administration:

Since yesterday our server was under attack and the website was unavailable or slow and this issue still continue. To increase the stability of our server and blocking the attack, our provider decide to make some resource upgrade in coming days, we try to make the website online but it may be slow or down during this upgrade. We understand you and know you are worry about your payment but we try to make all payments.

Now the program is online and payments are processed in normal mode.

Abby C. Anderson, HyipNews.com

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