Updated: 09/21/2009 10:37
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Those who read HYIPNews regularly, probably already have seen the following sentence profit can be received through investments only

Those who read HYIPNews regularly, probably already have seen the following sentence: profit can be received through investments only. Be it your time, your money, experience or knowledge - you still need to invest something to get profit. That's why almost all earnings spheres can be treated as investment spheres. HYIPnews is a navigator in those spheres that generate profit online. That's why is useful for those who want money online. And now we are going to tell you about investments that is not HYIP.

The first thing that comes to mind as far as investments that is not HYIP are concerned, is GPT (get paid to programs). Often the programs of that type also offer investing. For instance, almost always autosurf programs offer investment option. But primarily this activity is non-investment. You look through the sites, read the mails, click links, register and get profit. Of course, many investors treat Get Paid To just as a variant of online moneymaking. But this is not correct. Of course, one may just make money, but there are also programs that allow investing. Of course, it is important to understand that such activity won't bring a significant profit, but that's non-HYIP investments. They don't bring high-yield profit.

That's why if you are looking for investments that is non-hyip, you just need to look for investments with low ROI. For instance, bank services are such investments. Financial management and mutual funds also offer low interest rates, so can be referred to as low-yield profit investments. But here we can also find investments that can hardly be treated as non-HYIP. They offer much higher interest rates than banks, so they are in fact high-yield investments.

And any investor must understand that low return doesn't necessarily promise you low risks. Banks close too. Let alone projects that offer you 1-2% of monthly return (bank profit usually makes 1% per month, about 12% per year). It is important to look for safe investments, rather than non-hyip investments.

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