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Hyip Monitor

HYIP monitoring is a service, watching the payout status of hyip investment projects. This monitoring process is fulfilled with the help of a special monitoring deposit. This deposit is money transferred to the monitoring account by the program. HYIP rating site is a service, which evaluates the HYIPs by a range of specific characteristics, in addition to an ordinary monitoring service. According to the evaluation results, HYIPs are listed and shown to the users in a definite range. Usually, those sites that get higher results, top the list. A basic aspect of program evaluation is the program rating. There are user and administrative types of rating.

But sometimes such aspects as ROI, adding date, initial deposit return option and other details are included too. Pure monitorings or pure rating sites are difficult to be found now. Every project to larger or lesser extent shows at least user rating, if not user rating. Almost every service allows posting comments or voting for this or that program. But from our point of view, none of such ratings, displayed by the monitor, can seriously be defined as rating. The issue is that often admin and user rate do not influence the program's place in the list. So what's the sense of this rating?

HYIP rate is ranging the programs in accordance with definite parameters. For instance, ranging defined by the admin rate. Or, ranging defined by the user rate. Or both. On the other side, if we will rely upon this definition, neither admin rate or user rate may be ignored. The main purpose is reaching an adequate and fair ranging defined by a set of parameters. And you, as a visitor and investor, should just know what parameters form hyip rate of this particular monitor. It is important for you to understand why this program occupies the first place and why that program occupies the second place. For instance, at HYIPNews.con you can find not only payment status of the programs, but we also calculate the HYIP rate.

The programs in our catalogue are placed according to this HYIP rate. We have a user rate and an admin rate. Users' HYIP rate is a rate defined by your votes. Every interested investor may elevate the program rating and it will influence program's position in the catalogue. Those programs that have higher rating occupy higher places in the listing.

Admin rate at HYIPNews has more complicated structure. It is counted by the administrator manually, not automatically. We take into account the attractiveness of the project design, background, past performance, perspective, conditions of its entering into the market. For accounting the admin rate we test program feedback, evaluate promotional methods, information provided for the audience, contact methods and so on. Each of these parameters has its share in the final rate. All of them comprise a formula, which gives a definite resulting rate. This rate may grow with the program development, or it may go down. Thus, HYIPnews rate is a flexible dynamic rate. At least, if the program demonstrates negative tendencies or if we receive complaints, or if it looks suspicious, it directly influences its rating. That's why HYIPNews is a full-scale rating. We possess a system, which allows defining the best programs at the market with the highest efficiency.

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