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Hyip Monitor (HN): Your Team is represented at your site in detail. Judging from this information, it's international. Is it on purpose or you were focused on professional qualities?
WLInvestmetns Inc (WLInv): The key to a successful business, particularly in a field as competitive as asset management, is to bring on principals and employees who are as smart and as motivated as you are and provide them with a venue in which they can excel. WLInvestments is specialized in 2 main tasks (in terms of asset management) - a) Selecting of talented managers who can achieve spectacular returns, b) Supplementing these managers with our risk management framework.

As long as an individual can add value and expertise to any of these activities, we seriously consider him/her to be included in our team. In short, ethnicity or nationality is not a criteria for selecting individuals who can work for our company, only thing that matters to us is the value the individual can add to our company and its activities..

It's also interesting to know - are all of them dealing with investments made through Internet? That's feasibly impossible. At the moment, the total investment from our online investors is $19,000. For such an small pool, its impossible for us to profitably involve more than 8 employees.

Online investment services are only a small component of our overall business. We are full fledged bank in Somalia with complete array of banking solutions (checking accounts, credit cards, mortgages etc) and risk research activities. Of overall 54 men hours from our team, only 8 men hours are dedicated for our online investment services.

HN: Your company registration documents were issued in Somali. Why was this country chosen?
WLInv: Thats partially correct statement as we do have incorporation status in Bahamas and Ghana as well.

First notion which comes to everybody's after hearing the word Somalia is piracy and civil wars. Such a situation is restricted to coastal Somalia and we are located in Mogadishu which is as secure as your locality.

Strategic location close to Middle East, least competitions for banks of our size and domain of expertise and Somalian government's liberal policies, tax exemptions for financial institutions operating in Somalia, in order to promote their economy.

HN: Where is your office located? Is it possible to visit it?
WLInv: You can find our office addresses here (
Our office in Bahamas is correspondence ONLY office. Therefore, we welcome you to visit our offices in Ghana or Somalia as per your convenience. Please do let us know 3 days in advance so that we could arrange appropriate official to meet you.

It may interest you that we have been issued $1,000,000 identity assurance from IdAuthority (on behalf of Comodo). Such an identity assurance is only provided after extensive evaluation of incorporation documents, physical presence of addresses and authentication of applicant's credentials (Id and Address proof).
This also implies,in case you or any of your readers can prove that our incorporation status or office address is non existent/falsified, you may sue IdAuthority in tune of $1,000,000.

HN: Why did you decide to have a representative in Italy?
WLInv: We have regional representative program since our inception. Individuals with knowledge of a language other than English could apply as a regional representative. After Regional Representative agreement dually signed by both the parties and further evaluation of the candidate, he/she may be appointed as Regional Representative.

As Mr. Maurizio showed his interest towards regional representation of our program, after signing Regional Representation Agreement form and evaluating his credentials, he is working with us as representative in Italy.

We welcome interested individuals to contact Ms. Nidhi, Regional Directors Desk ( for further information and benefits for being our regional representative.

How this representative supports your company?
Our support staff cannot provide support in Italian. Thus, Mr. Maurizio is able to respond to Italian and Austrian individuals interested in our program.

HN: Please tell us about your investment section. What is the difference between plans? Why did you choose daily system of payments?
WLInv: We offer three investment plans. They are Investment Opportunity, Investment Light and Investment Transformation.

  • Investment Opportunity risks 0.5% of net capital each business day to provide 1.3% return for 50 business days.
  • Investment Light risks 0.7% of your investment each business day to provide 1.6% for 100 business days.
  • Investment Transformation risks 0.9% of investment each business day to provide 1.9% for 200 business days.

Its important to note that the minimum investment capital remains the same - $20 for each investment plan.

Most funds allow daily liquidity. The returns which we provide couldn't be achieved by long term trend following, but only by short term trading strategies. For this reason we have daily system of payments in place.

HN: Tell us if you charge any fees from your investors. How do they vary depending upon plans?
WLInv: We charge 2% as asset management fees, chargeable only once at the maturity of investment. It remains the same for each business plan. This fees could be waived off in case of reinvestment and is further appraised by 5%, 10% and 20% reinvestment bonus for Investment Opportunity, Investment Light and Investment Transformation respectively. We charge 10%, 15% and 20% of investment as premature withdrawal fees for Investment Opportunity, Investment Light and Investment Transformation respectively incase investment is requested for withdrawal prematurely.

In case anything is not clear in terms of fees and bonus, kindly contact Ms. Favor, Accounting Desk ( for further details.

HN: Why did you choose the scheme, which involves direct payments to e-currency accounts?
WLInv: We selected direct payments to e-currency accounts as -

a) Members are free from hassle of logging register to invest, sign in daily to view the status of daily profit, monitor there payments etc. In our case, no sign up is required, we monitor the payment for you and you don't need to sign in daily to request the withdrawal.

b) We have completely eliminated the hacking possibilities, as we maintain the data securely offline.

c) No member's area also means our clients cannot lose there password or compromise your account, lose their fund and blame us for the same.

d) Even though we use standard DDoS protection, there is always a possibility of website being down for many days at a stretch due to DDoS attacks. With payment to member's area, all payment activities would come to stand still. However can afford to make the daily payments irrespective of whether our site is online or offline.

e) Many times we have seen program's administration decides to trick the investors by returning the withdrawals back to their account, or deleting the accounts all together. In our case, no such incident is remotely possible.

f) Our members appreciate what method we are following. Many members congratulated us how we maintained to pay daily payments even when our site was offline for many days due to DDoS attack recently.

HN: Can you please tell us a little about your investments? What are the main areas and what's your previous experience in investment sphere?
WLInv: We select the talented managers who can generate substantial results by means of their trading prowess and complement it with our risk management expertise. It is important to understand that, you cannot expect us our anyone on the planet to generate such returns by Arbitrage trading or dealing with Fixed Income instruments. We place our money, our family's money right alongside of your investment. Its generated by trading activity on riskiest instrument (currencies) at leverage of 1:50 to 1:100.

You can read more about our teams experience on

HN: Do you have any reserve funds? How do you guarantee safety of deposits?
WLInv: We cannot afford to have reserve fund for an investment where settlement is daily and profit objective is 50%/month in order to make it a feasible activity for us.

However, only thing we could do is restrict the risks on your investment upto the risk limit specified for each investment plan. Furthermore, we could ensure that we (or our clients) would never lose a single dime due to technical failure or intrusions.

In case you are interested in having a guarantee to your investment, our Pension Plans may interest you. Pension plans have investment floor of $10,000 and provide 8% monthly returns on investment with Bank Guarantee. You may contact Ms. Roberta, Pension Plans ( for further details.

HN: It is not a secret that competitive struggle in HYIP world often means site attacks. How are you going to protect your site?
WLInv: Hosting - Since inception, our site was hosted on DDoS protected dedicated server from BlockDos. We would be shifting to higher level of DDoS protection from Staminus Communications in 2 weeks of time. HackerProof - Our site uses Comodo's HackerProof and is scanned to detect, alarm and mitigate any hacking attempts. Such a check is performed once in every hour. SSL certificate - Our site is uses 128 bit SSL encryption with key protection of 2048. Domain ownership - Its remotely possible that website administration loses the ownership of domain by not renewing the domain name in time. We have eliminated this possibility as well, by having the ownership of the domain for next 10 years.

HN: If you want to add something to what was said or tell something to our readers you are welcome.
WLInv: As mentioned earlier, we provide such results by investing your funds along side with our own fund and our families fund in riskiest form of investment "trading currencies at significantly high leverage". Even though our team has 150 years collective experience in selecting talented traders and managing risks, its impossible to explicitly state your investment is risk free. Please don't invest what you are going to use for paying next month's bill, nor borrow or mortgage to invest with us. We request you to invest judiciously. As a rule of thumb, save at least amount you require to live for 6 months, in case you lose all your means of income. Then, you can invest from the remaining at your discretion.

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