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The program is celebrating its third anniversary online. This is quite a long period of work for highyield investment program, and whatever skeptics...

The program is celebrating its third anniversary online. This is quite a long period of work for high-yield investment program, and whatever skeptics say, it still remains active with lots of satisfied investors. Two major announcements have been published recently. Firstly, GNI opens its own forum for program members:

We don't, at the present time, see a reason to abandon the ASA Monitor/Forum, however, GNI administration cannot be held responsible for any information that is incorrect, misleading or unclear on ANY forum other than the new GNI Private Forum. Because the ASA Forum was NOT owned, administered or moderated by GNI staff, GNI does not have any authority to engage in any activities in support or opposition to the ASA or any other forum that currently is hosted on the World Wide Web, other than its own.

Another interesting detail is that the administration is going private at the beginning of the next year:

GNI, from a financial standpoint is solid and will be positioned, come the first quarter of 2010, to go private. We are not able nor willing to discuss ANY aspects of this endeavor and this time. Suffice to say, it will necessarily involved some rather exciting changes.
We wish to take a moment to thank those of you who continue to stand by us and with us. To those of you who don't, we encourage you to leave in a manner that is friendly, amicable and resonates nothing but good mutual good fortune to each other.

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