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HyipNews.com (HN): Traditionally, we ask you to introduce your team briefly. How many people work with you, what are their functions and previous experience.
SportsVal: Hello Abby and all readers. The Sportsval operation is managed together by three parties; Myself by the name Val Anders, our technology partner and consultant Dunecom, and a "secret eminence" who provides us with the analysis and picks we publish for our clients. All of us have followed sports betting closely for the past 10 to 15 years, and Dunecom has extensive experience in providing software and partnering succesfully in online investment programs which is pretty close to what we require.

HN: Your site has been functioning for quite a long time. But previously your concept was different from what you have now. Was it an ordinary HYIP program?
SportsVal: Your "ordinary HYIP program" has become quite a notorious term, if you mean the traditional hit-and-run ponzi scheme concept that is the norm nowadays when mentioning that abbreviation. Sportsval started in February 2009 and for the first six months or so functioned primarily as sales profit sharing program. Sales consist of the profitable tips that we publish for paying members. It was indeed a Program producing High Yield through sales profit sharing, thus fulfilling three letters of the abbreviation, but whether you could consider it an investment is up to the reader.

HN: Why have you decided to change your program? Why you chose sport betting?
SportsVal: These two questions really are far away from each other, but let me first describe why we chose sport betting; It short, it's the area where we are proficient in, and one that is capable of producing real world profits similar to what your ordinary HYIPs claim to produce through some more obscure means.

We changed the program away from the profit share, as the tips we publish are capable of surpassing those profits by many degrees of magnitude. We decided that instead of just publishing the winning tips on our analyzed matches, we could as well offer members the option to bet directly on those matches. Previously not many members actually utilized our brilliant tips, they were in just for the sales profit share, and thus missed the massive earnings of triple digit percentages monthly that our tips can provide.

HN: Lets describe and discuss your offer in detail. The main difference between your program and HYIPs lies in the necessity to earn profit, rather than invest and wait, right? At first, how can investors join your program?
SportsVal: The main difference between Sportsval and a traditional HYIP is that Sportsval is the only program disclosing its profit-producing activities BEFORE they are carried out. Thus it is always fully visible without doubt for every member or outsider how the profits are produced. It has even been possible to earn the profits without risking a single dollar with Sportsval, by following our site front page and betting according to the published tips on any online bookmaker. At this point I could mention that our tips averaged 800% profit monthly for the first 7 months, calculated from the unit stake. Of course, those profits were only reaped by those who bet according to our instructions. Mostly members chose to not bet and enjoyed the average sales profit share of just over 30% monthly. Funny, isn't it?

Sportsval can be joined by simply clicking the SIGN UP link on our web site, and filling up their email address and desired password. After signing up, the members area includes functionality for buying betting units, betting, selling betting units, cashing out winnings, etc.

"To start earning with Sportsval's tips, currently nothing is required..."

HN: What is necessary to start earning with you? What are betting units? How much a unit costs? How many units required to make a bet?
SportsVal: To start earning with Sportsval's tips, currently nothing is required but checking our front page for the latest tip and betting that on an online bookmaker of your choice. However, Sportsval makes things easy by being the bookmaker also, so members can bet directly from their Sportsval members area. To do that, one needs to purchase betting units. One unit currently costs $5 USD. Minimum purchase is one unit, but it is possible to bet with as little as 0.10 units. Starting in October, members are able to purchase betting units from each other for free market price, through an advanced trading facility on our site.

HN: As far as we have understood, you make recommendations to your members. Do you provide recommendations for all bets you offer? What is a member want to bet differently from your advice?
SportsVal: Yes, currently we only offer betting for matches that we have published a tip for. Members can also bet against our recommendation on the Sportsval site. For instance, when we recommend Draw for a selected football match result (as we usually do), the member may choose to bet both Draw and Home win and still end up in profit if the home team wins against our pre-match analysis.

HN: Please tell what happens next “ when bet wins and when bet loses. Is it necessary to participate in large amount of bets or betting from time to time will be ok?
SportsVal: When the bet wins, we pay the amount of betting units indicated by the odds for the member's account. For instance if the member bets two units for Draw - the odds are eg. 3.30 - and Draw is the end result of the particular match, we credit 6.60 betting units to the member's account shortly after the match has concluded.

If the bet loses, the betting units included in that bet are removed from the member's account.

It is not necessary to participate in all bets, however the more bets the member makes the more the wins and losses average out to represent our average yield of about 30% per bet. The less bets the member makes, the more there is room for profit variation by chance and luck.

HN: How can members cash out their profits?
SportsVal: Profits are paid in the form of betting units. Betting units need to be sold to get the proceeds to the cash balance, from which money can be withdrawn to the e-currency account of the member instantly.

Selling betting units usually is not instant, except in a case where the member is prepared to sell his units for a low reserve price that the company is willing to pay. Ideally, free market dynamics determine the selling time and price, which may be lower than higher than the nominal price of $5 USD per unit.

HN: Please tell more about two features mentioned in your FAQ section “ selling expired unites to your company or in marketplace. By the way “ what unit expiration means?
SportsVal: Betting units are valid for certain time (still undecided how long - in the current experimental phase one month for new units). When units expire, they can no longer be used in bets. Expired units can only be sold back to the company for a reserve price that is determined regularly. Active units can be sold to other members for a price someone else is willing to pay for them, in order that they wish to use them for betting and thus winning new units.

Essentially, there will be a lot of "unit trading" taking place, and the more validity a unit has left the more its value should be. The market dynamics of this system are going to be very exciting and no doubt incredibly profitable for many people, as such a system has never been seen anywhere in the sports betting area. In any case, expired units are not lost - the Sportsval company offers to buy them back for a reserve price (albeit supposedly lower than the market value) so there always is some value to the units no matter how old they are.

HN: Some bets lose, some of them win. What the balance between losses and wins and how many bets should be winning for a member to obtain the profit?
SportsVal: Our long term winning rate up to date is such that about 40% of bets win. The average payout for our winning bets is 3.18. Those figures indicate where the value in our tips comes from - when you win one in every 2.5 bets and then get paid 3.18 times your stake.

"...obeying our recommendation the member can expect to win his first bet with 40% probability..."

The result of any individual bet is governed by chance only, so obeying our recommendation the member can expect to win his first bet with 40% probability. On the other hand, with bad luck the member can lose 7 bets in a row (or longest losing streak) or more. Out of interest, our longest winning streak is 4 bets, or 28x (2800%) your money in one week had you compounded your winnings. There are endless number of interesting calculations like this one can make, depending on the point of entry, staking plans etc. however when betting according to our advice in the long run the winnings approach our average yield rate which is about 30% per bet.

HN: What fees are you charging for your services?
SportsVal: We charge a fee of approx. 5% for cashouts and sales of units. Exact fee schedule is still undecided during the experimental period of the new realtime trading facility.

HN: Are you going to return to a standard HYIP scheme? If yes, how will you handle investments “ use money for betting or find some other area?
SportsVal: Let's not use the term "standard HYIP scheme" as you have by now noticed that Sportsval does not have much in common with your traditional HYIP. We are not planning to go back to the profit sharing model, however there are plans to offer members the option for automated betting with various risk levels and yields. This will be the next major improvement we implement after the trading board concept has been established, and given that the audience reacts positively to all the new things we bring to the sports betting and online investment world.

HN: Please add here anything you want to tell to your potential members and thanks a lot for your time.
SportsVal: I encourage everyone to have a look at Sportsval, as it is a completely new exciting concept created by very knowledgeable minds. In Sportsval you can find exceptional value through actual profitable activity, in the real meaning of that instead of hollow promises so common in the HYIP arena. I am not sure Sportsval even belongs here, but here we are and our aim is to shake the hypocritical HYIP world a bit by providing real value where such did not exist before. Check Sportsval out - you will not be disappointed!

SportsVal, Val Anders
special for HyipNews.com

by Abby C. Anderson

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