Updated: 10/04/2009 22:08
Reprints/Permissions  Hyip Monitor program appears rather frequently in our news line. However, as we mentioned, it looks quite ambient, due to delayed payouts, while time period needed for receiveing withdrawal request gets longer and longer. According to members, some of them still wait cashouts, requested a week ago. Yesterday administrators announced a new bonus system launch:

Starting today, upto 1st November, we'll have a 6% Deposit Bonus for 3 Hours Daily! This will be only for Deposits made from Payment Processors.
Every day it will be a different time and we will announce it early in the day. This will make it a lot of fun for all of us and more importantly, everyone will have a fair chance of taking advantage of the Bonus!
We will either extend the Bonus on Nov 1st or come up with something more exciting -lol.

Sounds attractive, but all of us remember that admins offer promotional actions only when they are lack of cash. With this program, it will be very difficult to tell delayed payouts from real payouts, because real payouts take much time. So be attentive, please.

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