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Every one who wants make money on-line should always remember about security rules in this sphere. We have told you many times and we will tell you many times, that dangerous are waiting for you on any step. Viruses, trojan programs, scams, frauds...against scammers and fraud you have only one weapon in your arsenal, but this weapon can resist against all dangerous of online moneymaking world together.

Of course, if you threat to HYIP like to gambling , you can proceed running on minefield. But get ready for losses. If you don't want these losses and want to earn, GET ARMED. Your weapon in the sphere of high yield investing, like in any other investing (on-line and off-line) - is INFORMATION.

Exactly the information (HYIP, GPT, MLM and other) will allow you to be successful in gaining of your aims. And exactly in getting profit from these risky opportunities. Now I will not go deep in evident things, at this time it's enough to focus on idea of information arming.

So, how will we arming? Of course we don't care about the weather under the Alaska state, rate of exchange in Honolulu and how have passed the elections in France. We are interesting in that which is related to our sphere. If you are "between things" , just viewing the forums, learning the programs and choosing the best offers, you can limit yourself with general information. Everything what is related to computer security , investing theories, on-line strategies of money making will help to become stronger. Even the observation for the programs will allows you feel better.

In the period of passive observations it's very important to not pay attention on "very profitable offers" , " super profitable offers" and "offers, which are exclusive" Presence of mind should be one of your main principals in your investing strategy. Stay calm. If you decided to observe - make observations, Want to invest - invest then. But if you have decided to invest ...

COLLECT THE MAXIMUM INFORMATION! Use Google and all known for you forums about HYIPs. Ask your friends. Check the project on all known for monitoring sites and first of all on them which you trust. Put all these information in some separate file. And of course visit HYIPNews.com!

First of all, enter the address of the project in the search field, situated below the calendar, on the first page, on the right side. Perhaps, some time ago we were writing about this project or have mentioned it in some context (yes, we are trying here to enlight often lives of ALL programs, which are working at this moment)

Secondly, try to enter the name of a project like key word. For it, in this link key word you have to attract on the programs name and try to open these links. For example if you are searching the information about GniusFunds, you have to try: geniusfunds.com, Genius Funds, GeniusFunds. Every of these words you have to enter separately and check, which news will show HyipNews.com

Thirdly (it can be used in the first turn), click on any feedback form on the HyipNews.com, even on Send scam report form! and writeL what are you thinking about ...where triple point will be the name of ANY project. In a few days you will read the answer in our news. Not just the answer, but a little investigation or similar statement of our opinion about this or that project. This service called HYIP ADVISOR or Ask HyipNews.om and it works very simple: you ask - we answer. At least you will have more than just one (your) opinion and we grantee that you will avoid lots of possible mistakes.

That's all. The last three steps are guarantying that you in any case will avoid evident frauds and will provide yourself with enough amount of information for making a right decision.

The information - is your weapon. For arming, you can use complete instrument - the HYIPNews.com site, also you can supply it with something, what you like. But if you have deiced to invest, but not to play in HYIP like in gambling , you will not win without arming.


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