Updated: 10/13/2009 14:00
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A merge of Flipreturn.com and Lmtmm.com has become quite an astonishing news for all investors involved into both programs and those who are just...

A merge of Flipreturn.com and Lmtmm.com has become quite an astonishing news for all investors involved into both programs and those who are just watching these projects. There was abig update concerning this merge, we are just quoting it to you without comments. Let us first watch and see how it will go on:

after some slanders and rumors what hurt flipreturn and my reputation very much, my friend Klaus (LMtMM admin) and I decided to make a joint venture.

I was having two choices, closing flipreturn and everyone loses, or fight for us, and make things better. Since Klaus is a long time friend and was also effected from this rumors we decided to fight together, and using the better script for our jointventure. Even Flipreturn is the older domain, with the script of LMtMM, we can pay what we actually earn. So I need you all to sign up on LMtMM and send me your login email address from flipreturn and the new Squirrel ID (you can find this ID after logging into LMtMM and click banking area).

After I receive your email, I will transfer your investment amount with an additional Bonus of 5% or for investors with investments larger than US$ 2000 an additional 10% Bonus to your newly created account. If you are an investor of LMtMM in the past, I just add the amount, but you still need to send me your old login email address fro flipreturn and the Squirrel ID from LMtMM.

I want to explain what will happen in the near and long term of our both programs:

First I know you will say, but I was promised a different earning amount or ROI, yes that is true, but as I am not a admin who gives just up, I need to make things happen for a long term relationship between my clients and myself.

You have my word that I will never give up or just disappear like other admins do, there will always be a fair and successful solution for my clients. And here is how.

After transferring the total amount including bonus (I do this as soon you send me and email and I work as fast as I can), so you earn as fast as possible again.

The earnings during transfer (I hope you are sending me your informations fast, so we all not lose to much money), will be logged between 0.5% and 1.2% daily, (for all plans) and once all are transferred you will earn even more than I promised in the past. maybe in different terms, but surely not as bad as you might expect now, I am fair and I make investments, so money will be returned in the system and we will be running smooth as we was in the past 6 month pretty soon.

Since we have this incredible new script, I will also be able to write like a blogger on daily or weekly (during transfer) from the industry for you. So people who was having trouble receiving my newsletter will now just read them on the site.

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