Updated: 10/14/2009 22:15
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Recently through Send scam report form we have received the following message from one of our visitors i do not want to receive info from hyipnews

Recently through Send scam report! form we have received the following message from one of our visitors: "i do not want to receive info from hyipnews". The message was not including any information about authorship, and the main thing, e-mail address, at which you don't have to send WEEKLY NEWSLETTER! This is only one distribution , which is sending by and each from more than 4000 it's recipients has signed of his own free will. In the end of newsletter you can find link, which will allow you to send a reply easily.

If you receive any other letters, for example letters, which are including the recommendation of some projects or something like that, be sure that's a fake. is not distributing letters of a such kind! It's just the second similar message, but any dissatisfied client deserves individual attention. If you read this news and you have some problems with automatic reply from our distributions, please tell your e-mail or by any other way on our site.

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