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One of our readers have decided to invest in But before investing he has used our service Ask and asked our opinion

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One of our readers have decided to invest in But before investing he has used our service Ask and asked our opinion about We are answering.

First of all we have to admit, that we still treat with precaution to the programs with ending -inv. In spite of a long time since closing BestInv, now such kind of projects are not showing special success, closing very fast and brings profit seldom. Since last two weeks their number decreased - it's a good sign. In the beginning of September - have appeared up to 5 during 1 week (!) But still not much time have been spent that not to pay attention on that factor as three letters in the name of the program. The first thing.

From the first page looks very attractive. 7% per week it's only 1% daily but at the same time principal 100% of deposit sounds good. The review from, Live Support, 8 different domain, attractive design, Twitter, yes and also BONUS! Everything in this sum, looks like you can make deposit without reflections. If it... WAS TRUE.

Only one thing sounds fair from everything what you see on the first page, is only percent of payments and domain names. If to consider that is paying. Because it's impossible to check if they are paying or not. On the rate us page two blocks of the similar links! Without any monitoring site! The links are not so popular and appeared two days ago. But there you can find the administrator - it's evident plus. But let's look closely.

  • Twitter as was found is nothing but a collection of some quotations and refreshing automatically.
  • The link on Live Support and the link on the review are not working. It's just the pictures.
  • And as it was found it's better to not read the test on the first page - it's horrible.

Link together the points, and you will get our opinion about This is not that project which we would recommend for investing. And this is not a project in which we would invest by ourselves. Of course, it's just the beginning of their work and probably they will gather their power and change everything. But this beginning can to not confuse. It's not the best beginning and if you don't want to risk stay away from this project.


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