Updated: 10/19/2009 15:18
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Members of are claming administrator of being a scammer, because they are not paid. In return, administrator states that members are selfish and don't care about each other, trying to get more and more:

I stated in the recent update letter that 7% of the members lost in the first and second phase (y'all were part of the 7%). The first and second phase was in the form of a game (so new deposits were paying the old deposits). I ran the program for you and didn't make one cent off the program. I'm already at a lost for what it cost to start the program and used some of my own money to pay a few final deposits of the first and second phases.
Everybody didn't lose. The majority made a profit. But most investors are selfish. They don't care about a good program. Its all about "I don't give a crap about you, pay me my money".
I run this program and what I do get some angry people who can't accept a loss when they agreed to the terms that they could lose.
I will continue to run this program. But I must say after this program end, I will never run a HYIP again.

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