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Reprints/Permissions  Hyip Monitor (HN): Thanks for accepting our offer to make an interview. We are glad to let our readers know about new interesting projects and your members will be glad to know additional information about the project they invest in. Our first question is traditional “ please introduce your team briefly and describe their major functions.
Promethianfund (PF): Absolutely and let me start off by saying thank you so much for the opportunity, we are extremely appreciative of this. Our staff does not consist of a team per se, although we do have individuals who manage capital for us and deliver picks as needed. Their are a select few individuals who actually know the inner working of the fund and we have done for security reasons of course and in order to ensure the funds success.

HN: Your portfolio includes several investment areas. What are they and why did you choose these specific areas?
PF: Our portfolio consists of Stocks and Options Trading, Forex Trading, Sports Arbitrage and Retail Ventures, we felt that these investments would be in line with our goals and produce the returns we seek for our members. We are glad to say that things have worked out well and are amazed by the results we've been able to produce.

HN: Please tell about Intelliscore, the relation between your company and this project and describe what benefits it brings to your members.
PF: Absolutely, my pleasure. What you all now know as Intelliscore started out as DEATHWATCH. I created DEATHWATCH in order to give members of the online investment community a means of pure analysis, to exact and incorporate an exit strategy into their investment repertoire, as I was noticing many individuals losing their life savings and a great deal of capital...but worst of all they were losing their dreams of financial success. We had been using the exit strategy that we use now for years but had never considered to make it public. We had been successful for more than a decade in the online investment arena utilizing our entry and exit strategies. We founded Intelliscore Financial Inc to give our members the advantage of knowing when to enter and exit and we are now offering this service free to those who sign up with our great fund Promethian.

HN: Your investment minimum is a little too high for HYIP area. Did you define such minimum amount basing upon certain considerations and what are they?
PF: As with any real fund, the amount of capital you have available can entitle you to certain advantages and the same rhetoric applies to investment fund managers as well. We personally do not view our minimums as being too high, we think our minimum is right in line with the caliber of program that we are. We are a real fund and we go above and beyond when it comes to customer support. There is no program in existence that offers the level of support that we do.

HN: Please describe us your investment plans. What are the differences between them?
PF: We have two main plans, The Vision plan which offers 0.5% daily and the Zephyr plan which offers 1.0% daily, along with two sub plans, Xuron which offers 0.5% daily and Isopia which offers 1.0% daily. Xuron and Isopia are for reinvesting as we offer no compounding at the current moment. We felt that these rates were reasonable and could be accomplished through our trading sources.

HN: It is not a secret that successful projects in HYIP sphere are often attacked by competitors. What protection tools did you implement?
PF: This is definitely sad but true, we are prepared for these attacks to the greatest of our abilities, of course we can't discuss the security measures in depth as this would give our competitors a distinct advantage. We do expect to be attacked mercilessly and will and have received extortion attempts and our fund is barely three weeks old. We will not concede to extortion or unwarranted attacks. Our members should have no worries when it comes to this.

HN: Your project has appeared not so long ago but it is intensively advertised. Do you find promotion a necessary part of your development?
PF: Definitely, any business that is serious about growth and expansion must advertise aggressively in order to reach its target market. If potential clients don't know you exist they cannot take advantage of the opportunities being offered. Advertising is a must for any serious company.

HN: What support services do you offer to your members? Are you going to add something new?
PF: Currently we offer e-mail, phone and text support. We will be adding Skype later in the week as many of our users use this service and will help us greatly with customer service. We may add other services in the near future.

HN: Of course, you find your project special among other hyip projects. Please let our readers know why they should come and join your fund.
PF: They should join us because we are a real fund, ran by real traders and a CEO that you can actually talk to, we take care of our members and have the best customer support available today, we are leaps and bounds above the rest. We would encourage anyone who was considering joining to visit us at either one of our sites and

HN: What are your plans for the future? For how long are you going to stay here?
PF: I'm glad you asked this, we plan on staying for many many years. In an arena filled with uncertainty we aim to be a staple and a constant force when it comes to online investments. We are just getting started. There are many innovations to come.

HN: If you want to add something or tell something our readers and your potential and current investors “ please do it. Thanks once again for your time.
PF: I just want to say thanks to everyone who has joined us thus far in Intelliscore and Promethian and to those who are soon to join us. We look forward to growing with you all and are excited about the future. You cannot go wrong in joining our great fund. There is so much more to come. If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. Thank you all again so much.

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