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Holidays are always a little mess. Spending and mess. Thats is why holidays time is a complicated time for any investor

Holidays are always a little mess. Spending and mess. Thats is why holidays time is a complicated time for any investor. To facilitate this period for you HYIPnews team will try to publish more interviews and reviews at the nearest future. Thus, you will easily get to know all those projects that deserve your attention without leaving the site. Lets start now, with Golden Fleece Fund. appeared online on October, 20, 2009. Thus, at the moment of review publication the program has already worked a month. During this month theyve managed to demonstrate themselves and have gained a positive reputation, so it is time to introduce them to you. Of course, if you dont know them yet :)

Main part. The sphere of company activity is precious metals. There is no much info about it on their site, but gold, silver and platinum are mentioned here. Of course, the word precious in their slogan and sophisticated design of site header give space for romantic dreams. But dreams are not enough. Numbers are more important for us. Numbers here are as following:

  • Investment term: 90 days
  • Interest rates: 2.5% - 4.0% daily
  • Principals are paid separately after the end of the investment period

This great offer is divided into 4 plans, corresponding to four levels. The first of them, with $10 minimum, allows earning 2.5%. The second one starts with $2501 and brings 3%. The third level brings 0.5% more, but minimum here is $3501. The last, fourth level starts from $5001. ROI looks more than attractive, it seems to me. You can start getting profit in two months already. Of course, the difference between minimum deposit amount for the first plan and the second plan hits the eye, but such offers already have happened and such approach proves to be reasonable. Dont forget that Golden Fleece Fund offers you a return higher than average. If you want to get such percentage you need to risk larger amounts of money. It is reasonable.

Deposits are accepted through LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. This is simple and short. A compact opportunity, Id say. Of course, extended opportunities would be an advantage. At the same time, Id not treat their absence as a drawback. In fact, there is a choice here. And now lets proceed to the site, development and perspective.

NO LESS IMPORTANT. We should have started from the site presentation, but we will start with bonuses. We have to say about them first. Bonuses are still offered, and you still have a chance to get them (of course, if you are not reading this text after November, 30th). So, a one-time bonus of 10% from the deposit amount is added to any deposit from $10 to $2500! I know, many people treat bonuses with caution, but I like them. Yes, this is an aggressive marketing, but it leads to success no less than to crash, especially, at the project startup, so dont be so judgmental.

The site of is pleasant and accurate. Care and taste are evident here. There is nothing odd in it, functionality and design are of a highest quality. Engine can be recognized at once. This is NeversayScript, which has become much popular recently. Design is not boring, it looks fresh and expensive, although it is not more expensive than GoldCoders products. So, the choice of Golden Fleece Fund (GFF) is correct it makes an impression of an ambitious project.

No modern HYIP is possible without DDoS protection. GFF team understands it perfectly well. They are protected by SSL is missing, but we have found out that administration is going to get back to this question and add SSL as soon as they have a possibility to do it.

DESSERT. In every review of we are trying not to just list the features of this ir that HYIP program. Not just to analyze this information. We are trying to show investors our principles of choosing the programs among many projects, which are conclusions we come to, basing upon these or that consideration. In short, we allow readers view from our angle of vision. We suppose that it is not sufficient just to reflect the content of HYIP/GPT/MLM site. Bare conclusions and senseless recommendations are not enough. They do not teach you anything, even if they are correct. The best investor is not the one who knows the project to invest, but the one who knows HOW to guess. This is the mission of our reviews.

They should teach and be useful themselves, even after a long period of time. Here is what the final part of our todays article about Golden Fleece Fund is devoted.

Thus, the company started working online on the 20th of October, 2009. During first four days the site was available in a testing mode. Full-force work started since the 24th of October. Then bonuses were announced. In a week they added banners for a public usage. Referral contest started. Prize $1000. In the end of the month minimum was decreased from $25 to $10. Ten days of work passed. Since the start of November the advertising campaign became intensive and new platforms were added. Publicity appeared. The project review was published in three blogs. The program starts twittering ( Monitoring services and banner ads are added. On the 18th of November they informed about getting 4% share in gold producing mine. Review is published on the 20th of November.

The first steps of are persistent, serious and assured. They are critical towards the partners, they are attentive to the results and they are goal-oriented. Officially, it consists of 6 persons. Their head is Felix Zeller. Twitter posting is made on behalf of him.

Here is the information that characterizes the product. Payments parameters, terms of investment are of course important. But these are parameters, but not a characteristic. I mean, these are height and weight of the person, but not his temperament. is a good example for this, because it possesses bright features. Unfortunately, it is important, and if you invest in boneless, senseless and colorless projects, I regret that you waste money. You should not approach the project, if you dont see a whole picture, which you can judge. In case with GFF the picture is clear to me, and information is enough to make decisions. I act.

SUMMARY. Of course, everyone makes his choice, makes decisions and acts. Im sure that just a reading of this review and observing Golden Fleece Fund will be profitable for you. There you have what to look at. Thus, you have what to study. For instance, not to trust anyone writing about HYIP. Yes, Ive seen some comments stating that GFF is a long-term project. Of course, it may happen, but Id not bet it. Id better bet it would be middle-term. Besides, Id even bet a definite terms from a month and a half to three months. Yes, exactly this timeframe. GFF is flexible enough to work two times as long. Everything depends upon a variety of external and internal factors. And, you know, it is enough for me to invest in it. Anyways, after finishing reviewing the site, I preferred to continue watching the program with a deposit. It is more interesting, informative and may bring some profit

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