Updated: 11/24/2009 12:18
Hyip Monitor
Two groups of Chinese and Indian fraudsters were setting up multiple accounts to cheat the system and gain additional referral commission

I am going to give you a quick update about what kept us busy over the last 36 hours. It has been brought to my attention, that a two groups of Chinese and Indian fraudsters were setting up multiple accounts in a very tricky way, to cheat our system, with the goal to gain additional referral commission and extra bonus payments.

Our security guard alerted us, but since that case was a huge one, we had to keep parts of our database unchanged ( pending payments ) until we had securely extracted all related accounts.

As a result, I had to suspend 151 member accounts, all money of these individuals are frozen. The good news is, iMoneyReserve did not make any losses out of it, due to the fact that we acted immediately. A few of you had to wait a couple of more then 24 hours to receive your cash outs.Please accept my apologize for that.

The normal cashout process is going to be starting again in a couple of hours. Thank you for taking the time to get updated. Please stay tuned for more good news to come. You are requested to post this information in our main forums.

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