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Take your time to read the interview with WTA Investments small but well-balanced investment team with high levels of investment knowledge and expertise (HN): First please introduce yourself to your readers and describe your position in the company. Briefly introduce your team � how many people are working for the company and what their key positions are.
WTA Investments (WTA): We are proud of our small but well-balanced investment team with an average of 15 years experience and high levels of investment knowledge and expertise, their insight into the world of investment is solid and rapier sharp. The teams diverse qualifications, their experience and culture and the individuality of their thought processes ensure well-founded investment views and strategies.

Our Investment Team
John Wright, Founder & CEO
John Wright is WTAInvestments's Director of Investment and Fund Management. He has direct responsibility for the core strategies of Asset Management, Cash and Fixed Income and Equities. John found WTAInvestments in 1999 and has nearly 20 years experience in the investment industry.

Martin Hession, Investment Manager
Martin Hession is an Investment Manager within WTAInvestmentss ' Asset Management team with responsibility for stock market research and management of the Cash & Fixed income and Money Market Funds. Martin joined WTAInvestments in 2003 and has 10 years experience in the investment industry. He holds the Investment Management Certificate, a PhD in engineering and is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT).

Matt Walsh, Investment Manager

Matt Walsh is WTAInvestments's Manager of Asset Allocation and Strategy and has responsibility for Multi-Asset Funds and related research. Matt joined WTAInvestments in 2006 and has 12 years experience in the investment industry. He holds a Masters in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID)

HN: Please tell us what contact information you give your clients. How close you let them approach to you?
WTA: We are using a ticket support system for communication with our members. In our view its the best way to keep in touch with our members. The ticket system helps us maintain constant communication with our members. In future we will be implementing phone support for our members.

HN: Is your company somehow officially registered? If yes, do you open to public the documents that confirm its legal status?
WTA: Yes we are an offshore registered company. We will post a copy of our certificate of incorporation one of these days.

HN: Please describe what investment plans you offer to your investors. Why is your offer more attractive than other projects?
WTA: We offer classic time proven 12 X12 investment plan that most investors are familiar with, the plan that worked in the past and will work in the future .The success of this plan depends on the technical base such as dedicated ddoss protected server secure hacker prove script , smart promotion campaign and skilled support team. All this we have in our disposal.

HN: It is not a secret that the sphere of online investments is accompanied with high risks for the investors. How can you provide financial stability and security of your system?
WTA: Yes, it could be, but in our case we do not engage in risky trades such as FOREX, we prefer to trade stocks
We know how to pick and approach the best hot stock trading opportunities, we are able to generate a consistent and respectable amount of money within a very short period of time. With our team of experts we are confident that we will be able to produce consistent profit results for our investors. We have done that in the past and there no reason why we will not do in the future .

HN: Do you consider your program to be special among other similar programs? Why would you recommend it to investors?
WTA: Prior to launching this program we conducted the research of the HYIP market, what investors want and we have reached the conclusion that a short-term reliable investment program is needed.

The program that delivers instant payments to them, the program that will meet investors needs, the program that investors feel secure to invest their hard earned money.

We have several dedicated servers in our disposal, custom written script and the team of programmers, so its worth to try our program. And those investors who have already become our members are happy with our performance, you can read their comments on the forums and rating portals.

HN: Tell few words about your promotion and advertising. What do you pay attention most?
WTA: We utilize all the advertisement options such as forums, posting banner advertisement, but in our view the best form of advertisements is timely payments and members support. We use a ticket support system in view it is the best form of members support. It does help us keep track of issues that are important for our members.

HN: What are your business plans for the future? Arent you going to change something in your project or add new features?
WTA: We have got a great start with our program. We have never expected such an overwhelming response from the HYIP investors community. We are planning to hire several additional customer representatives to serve better our online investors and we are planning to introduce new investment products in the near future.

Best regards WTAInvestments Team

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