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Forex is a dream land. Plans, dreams, hopes. So many articles start with these words and so many tragedies Unfortunately, no matter how many

Forex is a dream land. Plans, dreams, hopes. So many articles start with these words and so many tragedies Unfortunately, no matter how many advantages Forex trading provides, it still remains a destiny of few. Of course, the problem is not the capital. Now you can start even with $10. And these are not intellect or will. The issue is that Forex trading is the same kind of job as any other. To succeed in it you must be a professional. But not everyone is gifted to be apanamoney glad mechanic, developer or artist. The rest are forced to seek for other opportunity or trust those who succeeded in Forex. For instance, PanaMoney company.

PanaMoney offers managed forex account service. The matter is simple. You register at, create a deposit, set the parameters and watch how professionals are working. Once the profit with PanaMoney is guaranteed, all you have to do is to get your profit. Yes, your forex profit. Here is the link - And the details are following.

Of course, the words managed forex account are well known to an inexperienced investor. This is a wide-spread and profitable way of earning. But most successful traders, who provide such service, put so many requirements and so many conditions, that their clients are, in fact, a restricted circle. A wide circle of potential investors usually belongs to companies and various organizations. Their services are treated as "funds management". It is sad that they seldom handle the amounts less than $5 000 - $10 000. Besides, bureaucracy issues are quite painful. As you see, there are very few alternatives and here comes PanaMoney.

It is not by accident that we mentioned them. This company succeeded to include the opportunities both for large investors and individuals into one package with Forex! With MINIMUM amount of documents required. In fact, only e-mail is required from you. Minimum deposit amount is just $30. Of course, if we compare it to minimum of some brokers, this amount can look a little too large. But conditions of these brokers are sometimes so severe, that it would be easier to give it at once, while in you start receiving a daily percentage (i.e. PROFIT) starting from $30.

SURFACE ANALYSIS. PanaMoney company appeared, as it is usual, with two persons. One of them is Allan Flank, he is now a Marketing Director. Another one is Fernando Montero, he is Director and President of PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. The idea was as simple as following: "Combining IT technologies, Forex trading strategies and market analysis in the way the company and its clients can benefit the most." Now, when almost two years have passed since the start of their work, we can assuredly say that they succeeded.

The site of is ultimately simple and clear. It starts with header, made in business style design. On the left side a bar displays the main functions of the site the possibility to register or log in, banner with company benefits and, of course, support service. At the center you can see the company activity description (of course, unique) and on the right side there are news and graphs, displaying the currency rates.

Btw, as far as currency rates are concerned - now you can see the trends for six currency pairs on this graph on the homepage. We wont list them, we can place the screenshot. So these are those pairs that PanaMoney operates. Moreover, these are the pairs that YOU can operate. Yes, you, as the clients of set the pair which you want to trade with your own money! I.e. you personally take part in trading process!

Besides, the company corporation documents are also available at the program site on About us page. Of course, scanned documents, provided through web, call hesitations, and many skeptics do not treat is seriously. But in this case this document is confirmed by long term working history. Anyways, working legally and having official registration is easy and convenient for any serious company. Moreover, it would be impossible to grow to the current level of PanaMoney without it.

I want to add separately that PanaMoney service support is one of the fastest services I know. They in fact are available online non-stop and they can be proud of it. Generally, there are lots of features implemented in their site to make the experience user-friendly, to provide visitors with comfort and convenience. All security standards are met, including DDoS and SSL. Money area is protected too. Part of the profit is used for making a protection fund. Due to the existence of this fund, they succeed in paying investors profit only. Trading means profit and loss. And it is an endless flow, which requires sacrifice to let you remain afloat. Thus, the protection fund, which grabs a significant amount of profit is the supporting basis and a safety net, which, however, hasnt been used yet. At least, there is no any significant low point reflected in the reports, which could require using safety tools. So recession has not damaged PanaMoney at all.

One more word about the agreement. When you register at the program site, you are offered to sign the agreement. It deserves attention, because it can be a model to emulate. This company cared for working out all questions profoundly.

HOW. Wed not like to turn our review into an advertising material, but it is quite difficult to criticize successful solutions. PanaMoney seems to be one of the most successful solutions in the field of high-yield investment, and no matter what will happen in our unpredictable world, its story will remain a success story.

See yourself. For the present day PanaMoney has worked more than 500 days. i.e. those investors who made a deposit during first 2-3 months, received no less than 200% (TWO HUNDRRED PRECENT) of pure profit. Quite an attractive amount, isnt it? Of course, everyone involved in trading or HYIP investment, will argue that this amount is not that impressive. What should be impressive is 500 figure, which defined the number of working days of this outstanding program. It happens that you can receive $90 from $30 (minimum deposit amount) within even one day. This is the fact. But you will never succeed receiving even a portion of this amount with the same stability! How do they do it?

Forex managing companies are not the person, who guesses the trends of graphs on the monitor. This is a business organization. Even if a successful trader guesses the system and makes a serious profit, it is rarely lasts too long. As you see, the company does it much better. Team is much more dynamic. For instance, up for the latest time, there were more than 7 team members in�PanaMoney, who specialized in market analysis, fund management and Forex trading. Possibly, they are more numerous now, but every one of them is an important element of success. Each company specialist has a corresponding working experience no less than 5 years. Even technical staff. By the way, there are 8 technical specialists in the company. What does it mean? Their experience and trading skills are based upon a serious technical platform.

When we speak about a technical platform, we dont mean only the site how we see it on our monitors. Engine plays a significant role, because it provides all operations. Allan Flank in his interviews often mentioned automated trading, and the site of the program clearly states that there are "creators of automated Forex trading systems and software specialists" in their team. What are the secrets here? A big part of profit is made on saving money. Yes, PanaMoney has an office in Panama City, but major interconnection is provided through the internet. This approach in combination with juridical activity regulation is a good basis for significant profit with a perspective. If more businessmen and companies treat these questions seriously, PanaMoney would not be one of few organizations, that gained investors trust. But many prefer to cheat, catch a jackpot and come back in 10 days with a new story.

Forex is a perpetuum mobile, non-stop money circulation. This is one of the most attractive and fantastic opportunities for earning. But as we said at the beginning, unfortunately, being a trader is not easy for anyone. But it is easy to become an investor! Successful investors are more numerous. And to start, we only need to have available money and desire. For the rest you have PanaMoney.

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