Updated: 11/27/2009 14:31
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I myself am very happy when our readers show their active position towards this or that event. Anyway, being active in our sphere

I myself am very happy when our readers show their active position towards this or that event. Anyways, being active in our sphere, and primarily, being informed is good.”Not to be silent” is a key to resolve many problems existing in HYIP sphere. As soon as problems occurred with iMoneyReserve, our SEND SCAM REPORT turned read. But do the problems really exist? Should the words SCAM be put near Cassie Johnson project now?! Let us see…

… at first, I'm confused with weakness of the sent messages. Here we published official news, explaining certain delays. No one mentioned it. Besides, I'm confused with amount of such messages. Nobody never tried so much to spread information about scam as in this case, even in cases of obvious scam, while now such message can be treated as assumption only.

We contacted Cassie Johnson and found out that this is nothing to worry about now. Anyways, we have two points of view now. Those investors who complain, those who still receive payouts and administrator who informed about issues that look like it is true. And we also have a point of view of monitoring, which still receives payouts without delays. It depends on you, dear readers, which point to choose. But please stay tuned – we will try to publish all news about iMoneyReserve that come to our hands. Read the nest update tomorrow.

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