Updated: 12/14/2009 17:51
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Today alone we have applied over $4,500 in deposit bonuses. Till the end of January on new deposits of at least $200 we will apply a 12% deposit bonus. We thank you our investors for your continued support. We are impressed that even during the holiday season we are receiving a lot of public investment which is allowing us to open a lot more doors with precious metals contracts. We want to make it easier for even the most average investor to take part in our company. We have introduced the trial fund for this reason. I have summarized the trial fund below:

Level T: $10+ - 1.1% Interest Daily
Fund Duration: Your investment is held for 30 calendar days. You earn interest Monday through Friday. Principal is returned at the end of term. Interest paid daily.

I do take time out of my work day to answer emails personally as well as take part in live support. If you have any questions for the team and I, feel free to contact us via support chat or email.

Thank You,
Felix Zeller
Golden Fleece Fund Manager
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