Updated: 12/14/2009 20:31
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One of our readers has sent us the following message:

Sir they are a big scam when i requested for withdrawal they they show that the have gave but look at what the withdrawal history shows

Withdrawal $ 11.90 Dec-9-2009 11:15:34 PM
Withdrawal to account U5326803. Batch is 244383992009-10-12 06:15:15PanaMoneyVladimir Sanchez-1.00000.000032533.

9500124851transferU3917259U3018154LRUSD1.0000Withdrawal from Current AccountFalseAPI501Unexpected error501Unexpected error501.....
what should i do now.

This is the only report about it that we got. No other person addressed us with warning about problems with PanaMoney. Now it looks like a mistake. But we are sure that PanaMoney support service could resolve this issue fast. In any case, we don’t see that the author of the report has addressed support. That’s why we addressed them ourselves asking to clear up the situation. We hope to get an official reply soon. As soon as we have it, we will published news about it and update this news message.

In any case, meanwhile do not cry that PanaMoney is scam, that it doesn’t pay etc. We’d better clear the things out. To do it we need effort and patience. You can do effort at hyipnews.com site, and here you will get a result. Now PanaMoney is working fine according to all parameters.

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