Updated: 12/14/2009 17:39
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We have obtained information from a reliable source that royal-investment program is not paying

We have obtained information from a reliable source that royal-investment program is not paying. Some investors haven't received their payments for more than 5 days. Judging from the fact that the threads of this program have already been moved to Closed section at public forums, the danger is minimal. But the project still displays the banners of small monitors on their sites - Of course, all of them show positive status and successful work. Of course, this is scam. Please pay attention to these monitors. You should not trust them.

BTW, while we were checking information about the project, we had only its name - royal-investment, however, this query returns both and Of course, these are different projects, but it is well possible that these ones should not be trusted too. is closed too, it does not work and it does not pay. They paid 110% in 4 days and closed in summer 2008. A new Royal-Investment Ltd paid the same ROI but in 1 day. It looks quite risky. I'd even say – too risky, if you don't treat it like a game :)

PS HYIPNews administration is grateful to the author of this report for sending information. Due to this report a lot of investors will be able to avoid obvious loss of their investments. visitors can always warn their colleagues about suspicious and non-working projects and post any question to team. If you are hesitating – invest or not – ask

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