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Take your time to read the interview with Raphael Ink, the head of the Technical team of 220Group Investment, company which consist of 12 professionals (HN): First please introduce yourself to your readers and describe your position in the company. Briefly introduce your team � how many people are working for the company and what their key positions are.
220Group Investment (220): My names are Raphael Ink, I am the head of the Technical team, that is comprised of three professionals. The technical team also handles the customer relationship drive of 220group. The company consist of Twelve professionals in diverse fields, from forex trading to commodity, real estate, crude oil, banking etc, this group is aptly tagged the 220group because of the versatility of the concerned professionals

HN: Please tell us what contact information you give your clients. How close you let them approach to you?
220: We are approachable and our doors are open 24/7 for customers to relate with us, as our members, customer and client are kings ad queens in our program.

HN: Is your company somehow officially registered? If yes, do you open to public the documents that confirm its legal status?
220: Of course, the company is officially registered and related documents/information concerning 220group can be perused by registered members ONLY, if the need arises.

HN: Please describe what investment plans you offer to your investors. Why is your offer more attractive than other projects?
220: Every project has its plan and uniqueness, 220group has invested time, experience and money into building of its project, this is the difference between us and others. We are not in business to compare ourselves with others, we are in business to satisfy our trusted investors and to provide an avenue of staedy profit in a relaxed atmosphere where the word "trust and confidence" has its quality and full meaning. We offer three solid plan that are transparently programed to benefit ANY investor with foresight, thus:

220GROUP GOLD: 119.7%
Daily Profit: 17.1%
Min. Investment: $10
Max. Investment: $10.000

Daily Profit: 12.5%
Min. Investment: $500
Max. Investment: $10.000

Daily Profit: 10.5%
Min. Investment: $700
Max. Investment: $10.000

HN: It is not a secret that the sphere of online investments is accompanied with high risks for the investors. How can you provide financial stability and security of your system?
220: Our system is properly protected and guaranteed to succeed. The isk involved in our program is extremely minimal hence our plans. Our investor's funds are ably insured to ward off any form of loss, that is why our plans are designed the way they are.

HN: Do you consider your program to be special among other similar programs? Why would you recommend it to investors?
220: They ay the taset of the puddin is in the eating. We cannot overblow our own trumpet because it will be obvious that an empty drum, makes the loudest noise, all we can say is for investors to come in and make their own judgement as we are very proud of our poject.

HN: Tell few words about your promotion and advertising. What do you pay attention most?
220: We pay more attention to the workability of our project because it is based on transparency and efficiency. Advertising comes next because we want investors, members and clients to know what is in stock for them at 220group these are coupled with further promotion of the project through choosen monitors that are worth the salt of the earth.

HN: What are your business plans for the future? Aren`t you going to change something in your project or add new features?
220: The future of our project depends on the demands of our investors because we are here to satisfy them, if there are needs for a change to achieve our objectives, we will gladly do it for them but if their feeling is for us to keep doing what we are doing for them? then we will continually give our best to keep the program on its feet with the support of our investors and directors who are dedicated to seeing their child (220group) grow from strengh to strengh

Thank you, Mr. and for the questionaire sent. We hope that our answers do satisfy your company's policy for publication. We look forward to responding to ANY further question and also to partner with Hyipnews.
Our regards, Raphael Ink
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