Updated: 01/06/2010 06:05
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New Year Santa Special Gift has ended HytFund investments plans changed to maximize investments returns ratio

Hytfund.com administration prepared new plans for the investors:

New Year has just started, and we would like to announce you a bulk of news!
1. The first one is that the New Year Santa Special Gift has ended, and it was a success. Thanks, people for the confidence in us and our work. We won't excuse us for not making your expectations, especially in the year of 2010, as brilliant as they should be!

2. The second piece of the news follows the first one as the upgrade of the previous plans - we had changed investments numbers to maximize investments-returns ratio:
a) All those with Starter plan have been extended for the Main plan. Its features are: Minimum e-currency investment is now as low as $15.00, at 1.4% per day, for 200 days running. From now on, the referral payments for Main and Advanced plans will be 5%.
b) All monitors and promoters get Promo plan (with yields like the previous Starter one) - please have a look at the page:
http://hytfund.com/invest.html, at the bottom.
The referral remuneration with Promo plan stays as 10%. The Promo plan is intended for those who wish to earn with referrers attracted mostly vs. Main and Advanced plans.
3. And the third piece of the news is that we have added an opportunity for an early refund, before the plan matures. Please have a look at FAQ page.

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