Updated: 01/11/2010 22:10
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Instantmoneybets administration has prepared a long list of news concerning current program status and plans for future. It must be interesting not to current investors only, but to those who are planning their investment portfolio:

Yes it is true we have more then 1000 Members now and we are still PAYING.
We have Paid to our Members over 37.500$. Thanks again for your Trust Members.

but today i want to inform your about:

- Test Plan changes
- Contest Winners
- Script renew
- Deposit Problems
- New Design

Test Plan changes:

As we told you in the last Newsletter we will change or delete the Test Plan.
We will not delete it but we have changed it.

Now the Test Plan runs 5 Days and you will get 1.20% Daily, the new minimum is 75$ and the new maximum is 1.000$.
You will get your principal back after 5 Days.

Contest Winners:

Our Contest is over and we have 4 Winners.
If you are a winner so you will get a email within the next hour.
The Amout of 250$ will be credit to your account within the next hour, too.
So you can deposit it or withdraw it.

Script Renew and Updates:

Within the next 24-48hours we will renew the Script and install some Updates.
So the PM, GDP, SP Deposits are be back instant.

Deposit Problems:

We still have Problems with the Deposit from PM and SP. If you have Deposit but it isnt added to your account please email us with Payment Details to [email protected]

New Design:

Next week we will also add our new Design, so with the new Design the Website will be available also in German.

By Peter J. Allen,

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