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Administrator of confessed that he makes profit neither from Forex, nor from Sportbetting. However, he states that he has an excellent experience and a lot of plans for future:

i think it is Time for the first short Newsletter.
My Program are online now about 4 Days and we have more than 330 Members.
We are pay all request within minutes or max. within a few hours.
So i can say we have had a great start.
1.) of all i want to say sorry for my sometimes Bad English, many people told me,i m not professional because i have to much mistakes in my English.
Yes it is right there are a few mistakes, but im sorry im from Austria smile.gif
2.) i want to say something about the Monthly Plan, yes there are also an mistake from me with the Interest, i have resolved it and you will now get 52% Monthly. But heeeyyyy wink.gif " Nobody is perfect "
3.) I can`t trade at Forex, i can`t trade at Sportbetting and i can`t trade Metals. But i have builded and tested my Team for more then 12.000$ with Traders, by myself i can only combine it and i think combine these 3 kinds, it can be a very very stabel income, for me and my members.

By Peter J. Allen,

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