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Hyip Monitor administration continues publishing reports on their financial condition to get investors updated about the progress of their... administration continues publishing reports on their financial condition to get investors updated about the progress of their program:

This is Felix Zeller with Golden Fleece Fund. If you do not know, I am the CEO and Manager of Golden Fleece Fund. I would like to relay to all our investors and potential investors of the current big issue on our table right now. As many of you know, not too long after opening up to public investment we were able to acquire an equity position in a mine. This is something we couldn't have done without the influx of investor funds. We are again looking into our equity position in the mine and we are looking to increase from 4% to 6%. Here are some highlights relating to our equity position in a gold producing mine.

GFF 4% Equity Position Financial Report - Total period:
11/18/09 Cash payment of 7 figures for 4% equity in gold producing mine.
12/08/09 Dividend payment received for the sum of $32,870.
01/11/10 Dividend payment received for the sum of $14,600.

We currently hold 4800oz of gold in our storage bought in at sub-$500 an ounce levels. Some of this storage may be sold to pay for an increase in our equity position. Your investor funds will not be at risk, although they will be used in the grand scheme of things as leverage. Our talks will be resuming next week. We will keep you updated when we are able to.

Aside from our contract talks, I hope you have been enjoying our increased Live Support hours on our website. We ran into a few snags on hooking up our VIP concierge office telephone systems. A 8x8 ( technician will be stopping by our office to finish hooking up our IP phone system, so those entitled to VIP concierge will be able to reach us easier via telephone. Take a look at for more information on VIP accounts and the perks that go with it.

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