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Regardless of nonpaying status and multiple complaints posted on forums, administration of insists that they are going to...

Regardless of non-paying status and multiple complaints posted on forums, administration of insists that they are going to work actively to go on paying members. They have even posted a detailed plan of their positive innovations:

we would like to save and reset Clockworkinvestment and therefore we would decreased all investment plans and also announce longer deposit holding time. While this time till all technical fits the accounts and especially withdrawals will be frozen.

This new plans and withdrawals give you the advantage of guranteed withdrawals and also more safety.

This new plans will be valid for all old and new investors, deposits, reinvestments and also withdrawals including pending ones.

The pending withdrawals will be announced in forums and calculated new from me for the new plans. Each members would not get payed now each day, but depending on the new plans where the members are in, weekly, monthly or how the new plans says. I would also update the new plans and longer holiding times technically.

After your holding times have ended, you can withdraw your deposits or earnings or deposit again. Reinvesting is still available in two ways how you know:
- way 1: Paying out deposits and earnings and investing again same or another amount
- way2: Paying out only your earnings and let your deposit working and producing earnings how you want.

Please note that the minimum amount for telling us have been changed. Now it are 1.000 $ where you please send us mail because it is encountered as bigger deposit. We would like that you do this that we get your deposits without any problems and it is also for security purposes to find pick out fake deposits.
I would announce soon about new email adresses from me and my team where you can sent mails about bigger deposits, and also about questions, problem, suggestions and more what you need to tell us.
The new responding time is for low mails 1 day and for much mails 3 days.
You can also tell us in other communication ways about bigger deposits and other issues. They will be announced from me soon.

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