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Hyip Monitor (HN): First please introduce yourself to your readers and describe your position in the company. Briefly introduce your team how many... (HN): First please introduce yourself to your readers and describe your position in the company. Briefly introduce your team “ how many people are working for the company and what their key positions are.
Atox Finance Alliance (AFA, Hello, my name is Robert Willard Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Atox Financial Alliance. I am glad to offer you details regarding our company. The main feature of our company is that we offer automated forex trading services, with no need of experience from the investor. We know that the most part of the forex beginners associate this word with fear and loss, and this is the main reason why we opened this program - to make our users feel secure.

Robert Willard Jr. is President and Chief Executive Officer of Atox Financial Alliance. Graduator of Harvard Business School, he started his career in 1983 as a Research Analyst at BNP Paribas. In 1988 he quit as a Department Chief Analyst and started his career in the field of financial markets research. In 2001 he founded investment fund with Alex Fontino and Martin Priestley. They created a unique trading system of "arbitrage trades". This system has been tested for 3 years showing fabulous results and now goes through taking out a patent procedure (patent pending). He holds the series 3, 7, 63, 65 and life insurance licenses.

Alex Fontino is co-founder of Atox Financial Alliance and Chief Investment Officer. After graduating Columbia University and Columbia Business School during 1992-2001, he worked at one of the investment departments of City Group as a trader, market advisor and later a financial manager. In 2001 he decided to start his own business and after cooperation with former colleagues in financial area began establishing foundations for new type of investment company. In Atox Financial Alliance he manages investment activity, assists all money management decisions and oversees the trading operations. Mr. Fontino holds the series 3 and 65 licenses and is a Level II CFA candidate.

Martin Priestley is Chief Financial Analyst in Innovation and Development depts. He earned his Bachelor of Science in finance from Michigan State University and was enrolled in the MBA program at the University of Nebraska. Martin is a CFA charter holder and a certified Financial Risk Manager. In Atox Financial Alliance he came with over 15 years experience in Innovation Management and heads two directions of Atox F.A. activity. He currently holds series 7, 24, 63, 65, life and health insurance licenses.

HN: Please tell us what contact information you give your clients. How close you let them approach to you?
AFA: We are offering a very good support level. A team of professional is ready 24hours/day, 7days/week to help our investors with any issues they may have. Phone, fax and email are the traditional ways of contacting us. Multilingual customer support is also available. Our contact details are

(650) 2098160 (020) 32391297 Calle 50, Edificio Universal,No 102,Main Floor, Panama

HN: Is your company somehow officially registered?
AFA: Yes, it is. In 2006, the fund development level was measured a big and stable investment company and entailed an expansion necessity with wide spectrum of specialists in different business areas. Private capital managers and traders became co-founders and business partners of Atox Financial Alliance (managed by Elenor Management INC., Panama, reg.N 671805).

Atox Financial Alliance customer support department
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