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Lots of interesting details published by administration of in their latest update. Resolving the problems, plans for future and current...

Lots of interesting details published by administration of in their latest update. Resolving the problems, plans for future and current program position would be interesting for current members and those who are planning to join the program:

1) Site access
Some members have reported problems to access InvestJoy website, it’s happening due some settings in the server that is blocking IP addresses temporarily to avoid overcharge, it’s a normal run in DDOS protected servers. I contacted hosting provider again, they are trying to fix it asap. If you cannot access InvestJoy website using normal URL please use our IP address: But remember, you cannot make deposits from IP address. So if you want to make deposit please go through the normal URL.
2) Withdrawals
Today I needed more than 3 hours to complete all payments, it was a hard job. But I’m very committed to give you always the best service in the speed you deserve and this business demands. I want to remind you that payments are processed every calendar day at 22:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Thank you very much for the support in the forums posting your payments and helping other members that may have doubts about InvestJoy.
3) Weekly specials
There is new promotion running, refer new members to InvestJoy and earn $0.50 per referred member. You can request your bonus using the form that is available in your Member Area. This is an incentive to members invite their friends to join us and make this program bigger and bigger.
4) New program
First of all I want to tell you that year’s beginning is very good for Hyips, many opportunities surge in this season. During the first 3, maybe 4 months of the year you have a golden opportunity to make nice cash. Don’t spend this opportunity with bad programs that will promise you the sky but give you nothing but lies and grief.
Let me update you shortly about the new program. In this moment I already have hosting done, script installed and design integrated. I’m working to customize some parts of script, it’s Neversay script as well. I’m still not sure if I will launch tomorrow, so if you do not see it online on this Tuesday it will be there on Wednesday. I’m working to provide a nice program, with very interesting and sustainable plans. Poorly planned things may look interesting sometimes, but only well planned can last long and give good results.
In this moment InvestJoy has more than 850 registered members, this number is counting daily. Refer more people in this week and take advantage of the $0.50 bonus we are giving per new referral. See you in the next newsletter on Friday.

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