Updated: 01/28/2010 12:28
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In their latest update, administration of addressed the most frequently asked questions that are asked by the program members in chat...

In their latest update, administration of addressed the most frequently asked questions that are asked by the program members in chat meetings and discussions:

In the newsletter, we will begin to address some of the questions that are most often brought up in the chat room. The most frequent question, this week, seemed to be about ecurrency exchangers. Although I won't go into a discussion regarding what an exchanger is, or does, since most of you already are aware of this, I will state that you do need to pay close attention to the fees as well as check into their reputation. If you are in doubt, about an exchanger, please ask. You do not want to lose any money by being “penny wise and pound foolish” I'm quite sure. We have provided several recommendations here:

Next, we have been pointed to another article regarding PTV written by an independent third party. We enjoy sharing positive articles regarding our program, when we can, of course. The latest article is posted here: We invite you examine this article and support the sites that provide these reviews, as well as support PTVPartner, by leaving your reply there as well.

About our blog, shortly, you should see new sections and new articles. We have acquired a Management Team as well as a host of journalists for this new part of our program. They will cover a variety of subjects including, but not limited to: general taxation issues, PT lifestyles, various cultures, political commentaries, world events and much more. You will need to check the blog frequently. Many more articles will be presented almost daily. If you have an interest in helping us grow our blog and writing articles on these types of subjects or other subjects you feel may apply, please send us a bit about yourself and your interests to Look for the addition of Twitter, Facebook and other options in the coming weeks.

Now for the FUN stuff... (and I do mean fun!) HAPPY HOUR:
Happy Hour every Friday from Midnight GMT...(7-9 EST) and (4-6PST) in the Oasis Chat Room.
Come for the Food ...Stay for the Fun!!! Cash prizes for active participants....$$$ from PTV !!! If you miss it you will be sorry. We have some great dancing, joke telling, games, etc. Everyone has a great time and you get a chance to meet some new friends. Please come and join us!

The last thing I'd like to address today is to those that have asked “What should I do to find out more about you before I decide whether or not to join your program?” So, for today I would like to suggest the following steps:

1) Visit our chat room. You can talk to many members there who are already invested in the program and get their thoughts and opinions.
2) Sign up for the forum. You do not have to be a member of the program to join and read.
3) Sign up on the website. You do not have a time limit on which to deposit, but this way you can receive our mailings, notices, and newsletters.
4) Read the website from top to bottom. There is a lot of information to be gleaned there.
5) Listen to the recordings on the main website. If you click fast forward once you will hear a recording from an interview done with MoneyNewsOnline. If you then click it again you will hear one of our prerecorded meetings that present the project that fuels our program and creates the revenue we receive.

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