Updated: 02/04/2010 15:55
Hyip Monitor

Iw-funds.com administration has announced a referral contest with very attractive bonuses:

For most active referrals:

First Place 300$
Second Place 200$
Third Place 100$

For the highest referred deposit:
Additional 10% Referral Comission from the deposit(so totally you will receive 15% of your referrals deposit, that's 150$ for only 1000$ deposit). In addition in this pre-aniversary week we will give daily random prizes as it follows:

50$ For the person with most number of referrals for the day
50$ For the person whose rerferal deposites the highest amount on that day
25$ For the person who has our link/banner in his signature on TG, MMG, DTM or GT (for this you have to put
your username in the payment proof posted on one of the forums mentioned)
We will send out every day a newsletter with the referral contest stats, and with the name of the previous day's, daily random prize winner. You will not know on a day which daily prize will be given!
On the 7th day we will give a secret prize for one of our active users!

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