Updated: 02/16/2010 21:11
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A detective story has been published by administration of Taffex.com . Read it attentively and make your conclusions, no matter you beleive it or not....

A detective story has been published by administration of Taffex.com. Read it attentively and make your conclusions, no matter you beleive it or not. Even if you treat stories told by program administrators skeptically, you can make useful conclusions from any of them. What we see in this particular story: it looks like it is true, because it does not sound like an excuse for current problems; administration is trying to get as clear as possible towards the investors; and the program site is not ideally secure, which should be taken into account. And here is the story itself:

One of the Taffex clients known at Russian moneymaking forum mmgp.ru as sv30-78 was caught cheating. He used the vulnerability of the script to withdraw a sum several times larger than he was charged according to the terms of the investment. Several accounts of this user were blocked. He was also proposed to assist the administration to fix the bug for additional reward of $100 (besides illegally withdrawn funds), however he preferred to blackmail the administration with threats that he will earn more money by selling the secret to other users if administration will not agree to pay him a sum 50 times larger than it was proposed by the administrator of the project.
By this moment the vulnerability is fixed by the programmers of Taffex, however the cheater still may try to sell the secret of Taffex. Be aware, don't become a victim!
Administration of Taffex appeals to all its clients. In a case you find any bug or vulnerability in the Taffex website, please, inform the administration about them and we will generously reward you for that. Otherwise, if you try to use those vulnerabilities in your illegal actions, your account(s) will be blocked forever.

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