Updated: 02/17/2010 12:11
Hyip Monitor is gone for good. They have left the following message to their exinvestors: We wanted to create a good project that would... is gone for good. They have left the following message to their ex-investors:

We wanted to create a good project that would satisfy most investors. The project was built as a high-yield investment, and we wanted to work honestly (as HYIP) during 6-12 months. However, someone we are very much hindered and our accounts in Liberty Reserve and PM were broken today and the money from the accounts were stolen. It's really not our fault, because the project was a success and would work long enough as we wanted. Perhaps we have moved dearly someone "very powerful" and today we were left literally with nothing. Funds to support the project we haven't enough and we have with you today to say goodbye to our next open the project. It will be better than this and in the future we will try to strike the force majeure. In the future will no longer be instant conclusions - it is too weak spot, even for very high-quality sites. In the development of this site, we have invested much more than today and we got nothing left. Don't trust the LR, it does not comply with its obligations regarding the protection of accounts and allowed to withdraw more funds daily limit.

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