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Genius Funds is one of the most popular HYIPs on the web. With its 1% daily yelds and the weekly 6% plan, always paying in the past two years, has a very good reputation.

Genius Funds claims to operate from Cyprus (Karaiskakis Street 3032 Limassol “ Cyprus), to invest in lucrative companies and in emerging markets. They offer a couple of investments. The first is a daily plan called EMGF (Emerging Markets Growth Fund). This plan has a minimum deposit of $10. Interest are payed on working days only. Interests from 1% to 1,6%. Capital is locked for 150 working days.

The weekly plan called WBMF (World Bond Market Fund), pays interests from 6% to 6,5%. The minimum deposit is $10. Capital locked for 180 working days.

You can withdraw interest every day of the week, minimum $1. You can deposit more in your already running plans, but if you invest 50% more of the first investment, the locking period restarts.

Company introduces itself as a real structured enterprise, doing investments in the real world, and to be honest this could be true. But you know how HYIPs are: its difficult to understand if what they claim is the truth or not.

Site looks good and very professional. Its quite similar to real investments sites or bank sites.

Genius Funds allow compounding from 25% to 100%. You can change your percentage not more than once a week. While compounding is a good way to make your deposit growing during the time of investment, this cause to withdraw less money during the period. Use it at your own risk.

Payment systems accepted are: Liberty Reserver, Perfect Money, Alert Pay and wire xfer (min $500).

If you consider the minimum deposit allowed ($10) and the very good reputation of the company after 2 years of operations online, this is another HYIP program that cannot be missed in a diversificated portfolio.

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