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HyipNews.com (HN): First please introduce yourself to your readers and describe your position in the company. Briefly introduce your team – how many people are working for the company and what their key positions are.
Weekly Divident (WD): Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed. My name is Ed and I'm the head administrator of Weekly Dividend. I have two others who help me in a support capacity mainly for the EA monitoring and they get to support when I am unavailable.

HN: Please tell us what contact information you give your clients. How close you let them approach to you?
WD: Currently we offer a support form on the Weekly dividend website. In addition I'm happy to perform a skype chat with members as long as they schedule the appointment first with me. I do not stay on skype all day long but Iam happy to answer any questions live if they prefer. I think most people will find our email support to be very quickly and professionally handled though.

HN: Is your company somehow officially registered? If yes, do you open to public the documents that confirm its legal status?
WD: As of now we are not officially registered. Honestly the question has come up numerous time but it seems to me that our credibility should come from our actions and not a piece of paper we simply paid for. but maybe I'm wrong in my opinion of this and if this is a necessary move for the future I will consider it.

HN: Please describe what investment plans you offer to your investors. Why is your offer more attractive than other projects?
WD: Currently we have 8 plans that we offer. 4 Daily plans and 4 weekly plans. The daily plans range from 1.1%-1.7% daily forever and have minimums of 5$, 1000$, 4000$ and 8000$ respective of the amount of interest the member wishes to make. The weekly plans range from 9%-12% Weekly forever and have the same minimums.

For both of these plans your principle is locked for life and once you have deposited you will earn each day or each week for as long as Weekly Dividend is online. These plans are desireable because they give the member the opportunity to earn a very substantial profit while also maintaining cash flow integrity for Weekly dividend.

HN: It is not a secret that the sphere of online investments is accompanied with high risks for the investors. How can you provide financial stability and security of your system?
WD: I really have no desire to fill anyones head with lies. I sometimes laugh when I read interviews because it is is quite obvious that the answers some admins give are false. In any type of high yield investing there is risk. This is no secret as you said and I want eveyone to know that Weekly dividend is no different.

We do have measures in place to mitigate these risks and they come in the form of good money management. Our EA's have money management scripts built right into them. So we know that we are risking no more than 1-2% for each trade we taked. This is automatically done. We also run our EA's on VPS servers so we do not have much of a risk of a power outage or someone shutting down the computer that our platform is open on.

Personally I feel this is very sufficient and has worked beautifully so far. The fact is that losing trades happen. I have never yet seen a trading system that doesnt endure some amount of negative trades. But there are things that can be done to help minimize this an ensure that over the long run a healthy profit is made.

HN: Do you consider your program to be special among other similar programs? Why would you recommend it to investors?
WD: I'm sure every admin considers their program to be special and I am no different. That is because I know that work and dedication that goes into keeping Weekly Dividend up and running and I know that nothing is more important to myself or my staff than the safety and security of members funds in addition to the complete satisfaction of every member with the level of service that they experience.

HN: Tell few words about your promotion and advertising. What do you pay attention most?
WD: At first to spread the word we purchased some banner ads etc.. But for now we are relying on the members for promotion and they are doing a wonderful job. We are at a point where banner ads are not as necessary as they were and our credibility and work ethic is the best promotion anyone can find anywhere.

HN: What are your business plans for the future? Aren`t you going to change something in your project or add new features?
WD: The only new feature that we are working on currently is the addition of another payment processor. That should be ready in the next couple of days and at that time I will send out an email to the members.

Ed special for HYIPNews.com
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