Updated: 02/24/2010 10:55
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The popularity of our SEND SCAM REPORT service is constantly growing. rThus in Septembe 2009 we received about 20 letters.

The popularity of our SEND SCAM REPORT! service is constantly growing. Thus in September 2009 we received about 20 letters. In December 2009 it was already 45 letters, and in the first two months of year 2010 the number of letters reached 20 per WEEK! Therefore our readers are constantly informing us of doubtful programs, problems with deposits and delays in payments. By means of our site this information is quickly spread among investors, getting into forums and efficiently admonishing all the investors.

More importantly as you know SEND SCAM REPORT! also allows you to make inquiries about any program you wish to invest in. We will gather information, study the situation and you will get a qualified response from our experts.

Unfortunately not all received messages can be used properly. In some of them our readers are asking for advice though not giving their contact information. The messages often contain a clear warning but the author doesn't give the NAME OF THE PROGRAM in question. Here is an example of such message:

my wihdrawal request pending over 48 hours,my id is alekozavr. Quote:
We process all withdrawals twice per day at working days(8:00 & 15:00 GMT) and once at weekends(15:00 GMT).

And no one will ever know which program constitutes a threat.
Please draft your messages thoughtfully.

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