Updated: 02/24/2010 09:06
Hyip Monitor

I invested $200 with on 2/8/10.
They assured me they got the funds. Their website stated and continues to state Plan 1 is available for $200-$1999... their email response says that plan is closed and I would have to add $1800 to make any money. They do not show the money in my account, though they acknowledge they received it. They have not responded to most recent inquiry.
Are they a scam??? or is this just a glitch?

Any program (fair or scam) develops and works seemingly. At the very beginning they use advertising and PR. Then the struggle for investor begins. At the end of the work most programs usually have various problems such as delays in payouts or selective payments. Experienced investors often anticipate when the program is at the final stage. This has various traces such as plans and innovations aimed to pumping out more funds. These funds are very rarely spent on maintenance or continuation of work. As a rule these funds is an extra stake for scamers.

So judging by site, this project was not very promising from the very beginning. They have free script and weak content. Nothing that spoke for perspective. Now when they have problems we can be sure they are double scamers. They want extra funds from their investors supposedly for making payments. BUT THIS IS A LIE. Unfortunately investors of this site are not likely to see their investments back. And the fact that you can't see your balance is just another confirmation of the above. Stay away from these guys. You must on no condition give them any money till they pay you back, provide their documents and personal info.

P.S. Perhaps you can't see your balance because of a glitch.
Though judging by the admin actions it is just an extortion.


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