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Those who are new to investing usually start with the question: " How to make money online? " They are interested in HYIP, GPT, MLM and affiliate...

Those who are new to investing usually start with the question: "How to make money online?" They are interested in HYIP, GPT, MLM and affiliate marketing in the first place because they want to start making money online. Read a brief guide from about different ways of online money making here.

First of all, we should categorize all the ways of making money online into ‘paid’ ones and ‘free’ ones. Of course, this categorization is not official but it is nonetheless quite clear. There are those ways of making money for which you have to pay. On the other hand, there are those options for which you do not have to pay. By saying "pay" we obviously mean investing money. Therefore, the ‘paid’ ways of making money online are those which require an investment. In the second case, you are only required to invest your time, energy, experience, etc. This is to say, investments which are not considered capital investments at all. This is ‘free’ earning online.

The main difference between these two ways of making money online is that you earn a lot larger profit if you choose the ‘paid’ method. As for investing your skills and time, you usually earn a lot smaller profit. Why? Because money makes money. But you have to convert your invested energy into a value and then sell it. Even more so since almost all online earning opportunities have very low requirements regarding experience and skills. It is usually not even required that you be a professional at all. It seems quite attractive and convenient but, on the other hand, it is extremely unprofitable.

For example, if you invest $100 in a high yield investment program, you can earn around 20% a month (real profit) which means $20. And you can earn it by spending no more than 10 minutes in choosing the program (with the help of of course). If you want to earn money online with the help of free tools, you can choose one of the Get Paid To (GPT) programs; for example, get paid to read emails. In a best case scenario, you will earn $.10 – yes, 10 cents – for one email. In general, the actual rates are much lower, averaging around 1 or 2 cents. This means you will have to read from 200 to 1000 emails (yes, from two hundred up to a thousand emails, you are not mistaken!) to make that $20. That is more than 6 emails a day and it is more than 10 minutes a day. Here we are only talking about one day, but there are still 30 more to work. So you can do the math.

However, everything is worth something in this world. As well, you cannot easily earn that $20 at HYIP. If it were that simple, why would people use banks where they take 10% interest per year if they could earn 20% a month? This is because an investment in a bank is very safe (at least they were till now). But high yield investments – it is true – are very risky. Taking a risk is the trade off for earning a profit. It is a risk to lose $100 in chasing that $20. Unfortunately, it happens quite often so keep this in mind.

There is an alternative to investing both your skills and money. There are fewer risks in this case and the profit is larger than in those options where you use only your skills. These are MLM and affiliate marketing. You need some knowledge to earn with their help. As an investment, you create a blog or site. You will most likely need some money to organize a work process with your group. Of course, it is only if you really want to make money and not just waste time.

Obviously, we have not named all the possible ways of making money online. We have not mentioned freelancing, advertising, and other strictly specialized industries. However, we are sure that, on the internet as well as in the real world, nothing surpasses these two ways of earning money. There is no way of making money without risk and the necessary investment. In any case, you have to invest either your money, skills, or experience. This is because everything is worth something.

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