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Most probably, administration has decided that kepping investors updated is the best policy even in those cases when the subject...

Most probably, administration has decided that kepping investors updated is the best policy even in those cases when the subject is problems within the program. Here is how they describe their most concerning problems for now:

Equally so, If I am anything, I am honest; so I have to acknowledge, our backs are against the wall. That which has hurt us the most is:
The freezing of our assets by our bank's (Yesilada) intermediary bank.

This, more than anything, has put us into the situation we are currently struggling to overcome. Market conditions are something we have no control over, could never plan for and are well beyond our control. Indeed, but for this matter in of itself, we would be continuing status quo, and all would be happy.

Many feel i have no compassion because I can't respond to each and every member's concerns or personal struggles. Rest assured, this situation we face is harder on me than all of you combined. While the project has been profitable, of late it has not! The personal assets I have put into GNI are substantial but that is not the point of this response.

I see what the naysayers are posting. I have eyes and I care, not what the neggies say, but what our members say. Those who have supported us through good and bad times. Those who are not in profit, have a special place in my heart! Some may laugh at this, those who know me best will not. They know how important all members are to me, rich or poor, whatever part of the world they may reside.

What is the point of this is? I want all of our members to recognize the level of effort put into the success (and yes, failure(s)) we have experienced over the last few years and that we are not quitting! We ARE struggling, but as much as we struggle, we ARE fighting for our customers, the employees, the principles and for the respect we feel we deserve.

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