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After such titans as NanoMoney Corp and Investment Forge closed, all investors stated paying attention to the ascending stars of hyipfields such as...

After such titans as NanoMoney Corp and Investment Forge closed, all investors stated paying attention to the ascending stars of hyip-fields such as Verifield, Infinistive, IncoForex. By the way, CherryShares is often not mentioned. However, market experts almost never forget about Atox Finance Alliane. So who will become the next big one? Who will get those thousands of investors whose desire is to receive back everything they lost before? Today we have decided to take a look at modest and high-potential guys from AtoxFinance.

First of all, we should define the criteria of that next big one. This is a program with daily or weekly payouts. It must have not a long but an infallible past. Requirements for the site are exclusive but there are always exclusive standards to serious companies. Support service (and communication with site`s administration in general) should be highly developed. The convenience of investing and receiving payments must be very flexible. The activities of the company (meaning the activities of earning a profit) should not cause obvious suspicion and should have a convincing basis.

Obviously even if the company goes by these criteria, it does not guarantee it will stay in the market for a long time. Do not forget that high-yield investments, as well as online investing generally, are quite risky. However, if the company meets these criteria, it means it has a good potential to function for a year or even longer if there other positive circumstances. As you have already understood, Atox Finance Alliane is one of these projects. It matches aforementioned criteria and has a good chance to succeed. That is why you should know more about it.

The company draws an income on the FOREX market. Trading is twenty four hours a day and, due to high-quality procedural organization, practically breaks-even. The program started operating on the 15th of December, 2009. However, it started up earlier on the 2nd of September, 2009. As Jeremy Jameson (Customer Support Representative) said, they`d had some temporary difficulties, that is why the full start was only in December. Anyway, there are three months of good work, high-quality site, and many plans. Let`s take a look at them.

Atox offers 7 plans! This is quite a rare phenomenon and it really pleases. However, the plans are presented here not according to some particular offer. They simply comply with different sums of deposits. For example if you invest $10 (the minimum of the program) you will get 40% of profit that company makes that day. If you invest $101, you will get 45%. The chart makes everything clear and you can find it on the official site. Here it is:


As you can see, the company earns 55% and more of a daily profit. That is how the Reserve Fund is formed “ employees` paychecks are paid and so on. This is quite an interesting approach and it is advantageous. You can invest with the help of LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EcuMoney and BankWire. Besides the debit, plastic cards are offered for those who have made a $7500 or larger deposit. Your money will be locked up for 230 days. However, you can terminate a contract at anytime but, in this case, you will bear losses.

If you deposit $16 000, the lowest profit you can earn will be in case of company's negative trading result (on such days profit level - variable quantity - is set on 0,4%). The constant quantity for your deposit is 64%. Using formula below you can calculate the minimum income = $16 000 * (0,4 * 64/10000) = almost $41 this means that you will never earn less than apr $41 every business day. But if trading day is successful and company's profit is 3% than your profit will be already more than $307. Isn't it incredible!

There are also other advantages such as SSL Encrypted Website, DDoS Protected Server, Initial Deposit Return, and Strong Account Security. Furthermore, you should not forget that the program was officially registered in Panama.

During the period of their existence, Atox Finance Alliane has confirmed a few positive moments. First, they move up actively. They have advertising, public relations, etc. You can find many reviews and interviews. Support service works perfectly and they respond really quickly to emails. The employee of the customer department, Peterson, is really professional. By the way, the Support Service operates in different languages- English, Italian, Spanish and Russian. This is a part of the plan which Atox has established at the beginning of their work. And the plan has been carried out. AtoxFinance Alliance is very popular (22 000 of the Alexa Rank) and very stable. There are no problems with the site and payouts. Anyway, there are no doubts about Atox Finance Alliane being one of the few challengers for the top position. So you should definitely check it out for yourself!

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